Teachers Training Course

Post date: Dec 25, 2012 9:40:02 PM

Feedback after the course by various students in the course:

What I found beneficial about this course:

1.Teaching techniques.

2.Importance of organization.

3.Importance of good character of Ustaad.

4.class time table was made in the most efficient way .

5.Very well presented presentations & explained.

6.over all well done.


I'm very weak in planning, vision and mission stuff so this course helped me a lot to develop this habit and especially this course help me a lot in Tazkia'e Nafs Alhamdolillah :)

It gave me confidence to go ahead and spread word of Allah to the world and become a daee. The course was emphasizing not only on teaching life but also the way of living our family life. There was all practical points in it. Alhamdulilah it helped alot. It reminded me to pay attention on my personal development and simultaneously teach what i learn so that i retain it and inshaAllah bring into amal as well. The encouragement given by sister shazia helped alot and she very well handled the entire program, Alhamdulilah learned alot from her personal living too. She shared alot of beneficial tips with us..JAZAK ALLAH KHAIRAN KATHEERA FOR THIS WONDERFUL OPPURTUNITY TO GIVE US A DIRECTION AND A CHANNEL TO WORK ONTO.


"Alhamdulillah every thing i found beneficial for me, actually I felt you designed this course just for guiding me!

I learned how to do which work at what time. Also, I learned how to manage my work and in what order all the work should be done. I learned alot about planning for something with proper wisdom.


"Alhamdolillah first of all very motivational , a great moral booster, it was like one to one teaching and learning and at the same time benefiting from group study and learning from fellow students Alhamodlillah.


Content wise very thorough ,very well explained presentation ,very well made as well,and equally explained well orally by Sr.Shazia Nawaz. Alhamodlillah learned a lot from activity sheets now very clear how to make questions for recap and for self study as well.


Alhamdolilah I can feel excellent team work just by being in class as student, AH I can feel everyone and everything is been done JUST FOR ALLAH'S SAKE. It the biggest motivational and inspiring factor for me AH and brings me closer to Allah SWT


"I had no idea really how much planning and hard work goes into teaching as we always thought that being the student is the toughest job, and the teacher already know everything so she has no idea what difficulties I, as a student,am facing... I appreciate the teachers now even more.

Got an amazing insight into the Prophet SAW's role as a teacher and how much more there is to be learnt from His Seerah!

I already teach Quran to young children Alhamdulillah, but now I find that everything I do is wrong and all that's because I never made lesson plans and timetables, but I just started teaching as I constantly felt the need to pass on the knowledge that i had! I plan to inshallah finish my taleemalquran course then organize my classes according to the guidelines given. JazakAllah khair "


Be patient with my children do for the sake of Allah be organized and focus

1.time management.

2.self control.

3.increase iman.


5.how to utilize your time.


Got to know more about AlHuda

Detailed presentations about how to conduct classes

Pd tips

Ustazah's precious advices

Overall A+ :)


The part of training i want to talk abt is the personality of teacher.i always know that teacher is the pillar of a class but how this pillar should be as roll model for student i have learned from this course.

if i can sum up the role and personality of a teacher here are few points;

I have learned that a Teacher should have a good sense of humor, tons of patience, an ability to not take things personally, a love of her subject, a respect of their students, and the knowledge that 15,000 things need to happen within the next 30 seconds :)

I have learned that a Teacher should be an attentive listener and In between check and interaction, a Teacher should understand one thing that the students are learning.

I have learned To plan for accurate timing

I have learned to choose the suitable methods of teaching in respect of the students and topics with a great care. And to help the students learn, especially those who are with problems.

I have learned that an ideal Teacher needs to play a vital role in active advisor among the staff

I have learned that a good Teacher needs to be careful about the criteria on Control, Guide, Consult and Facilitate.

Finally like to mention one qoute which i read somewhere:

""Learners love me, I love my lovers,

Searchers look me in unseen sheet of papers,

I am knowledge. ""


I really like the way sister Shazia was conducting the course in friendly environment. "

Made me realize that just knowledge is not sufficient to become a teacher. Teaching skills are especially important to convey the ilm. ilm decays and eventually dies if not conveyed and it is its haq to be conveyed. Further the importance of planning was reinforced. When shazia Baji mentioned that Allah is the best of planners and loves planning and discipline it made me realize that being able to perform this task is important and part of our religion.


Every girl and boy should attend this course not only teachers. then there will be no argument, no fight, there will be peace , harmony, love, respect and care for each other."


This course gave me a very vast concept of how to make my self use full and recognizing my own capabilities .It also gave me the knowledge of how to be a teacher of my self first .And it enhanced my view of what to do in the future for promoting the right deen around me.jazakallah khairan kasira to ustaza and shazia baji.


"Out of so many things that I found beneficial personally Alhumdulillah, these are a few most important:

1- Straightening my intention & reconnection with Allah: I am in this thing purely for the sake of Allah and it is Him that I have to seek help from.

2- Increase in motivation and resolution.

3- Personality development, find my mistakes and avenues that need improvement

4- Discovered my areas of strength and an outline for my future plans, now I have to build my own structure around them and execute it Insha'Allah."

Alhumdullilah,i learned how can i manage my time during the class and how to be focus on content as well.


The lectures were very detailed and informative. I found them very helpful and I found Shaazia Nawaz's manner of discussion very clear . I hope to be able to implement the lessons learnt into my life and future

I learned that teaching is not easy and that I have to be more prepared before teaching. Organization is also very important. The lectures were very good and the activity sheets were very helpful.


1. It was Tazkia Nafs for me.

2. It has taught me how to give Dawa, and its Hikmah. Mashaallah.

3. It has taught me the Iklas.

4. It has taught me Taqwa.

abouve all I have learn to be a better person, and do every thing for Allah (swt).


" This course was an eye opener for me as its showed me what to do from the beginning till the end to start a class; how to plan, and then to proceed and reach our ultimate target. Misali Ustad lecture was so beneficial to improve my self as a Qur'an teacher, this course was an energy booster.


"Dr. farhat's lectures, her live talk (motivational), her real life incidents, her schedule and dealing with different situations. Sister shazia's real life stories and personal experiences. activity sheet and taking it up in class helped a lot. Presentations, tables, charts regarding schedules and timings were extremly helpful for us who want to continue teaching Quran in their homes or the Center inshAllah. Jazak Allahu khairun katheera."


I learnt a lot during this course, Alhamdoulilah it was a wonderful experience, in this course i learnt how to deliever knowledge, how to deal and how to handle the situations as being a teacher, and above all thru this course i caught an oppurtunity to evaluate my short comings which i have to fix."