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Post date: Dec 25, 2012 8:12:57 PM

Building Principles Course


Assalamoalaikum wrwb

Dearest Shazia Nawaz,

I am Ameenah's mother. Ameenah recently attended an online course named 'Building principles' offered by

Al Huda.This course was specifically designed for youth ages 10 and up in mind. It had four basic subjects:

_ Tajweed

_ Salah

_ Tafsir of surah Ale-Imran

_ Muslim Heroes

Ameenah is only 8.5 years old, so initially I was concerned if she would be able to grasp the material. So I consulted you and Sister Iman and you suggested that I would need to supervise her as the concentration span is not long for this age group. So I did sit with her throughout the class adjusting volume or giving her quick recaps. Alhamdulillah from day one I saw Ameenah taking keen interest in the class and wanting to get up early morning so as not to miss her class. One or two days she joined in late but she was not happy about it. She was specially interested in visual aids used to explain meanings and tafsir of the surahs. The video clips used for teaching different units of salah and Israa and Mairaj by Sister Ainah caught her attention as well. Another thing that really kept her interest in the class, was sister Iman's thought provoking talk and her interesting picks of Muslim heroes from different fields. She loves sister Iman.

Sister Shireen's class was also very lively with good live discussions and games. Ameenah thoroughly enjoyed typing comments in the live class as this was her first experience taking an online class. She was delighted when her comment was read in the class. As my daughter was enrolled in the certificate course she was given many worksheets to do. This is where I had to actually help her in understanding the questions and then sometimes paraphrasing the answers for her. To my surprise she did not mind doing the homework, infact, she did it very diligently as she was learning a lot of new stuff like what is ghusl. This tough subject was so easily tackled through teaching of sunnah. I was thinking many of us mothers who are afraid when to discuss these kind of things to our kids should seriously consider bringing up these these hard to talk about subjects while teaching them Quran and sunnah. MashAllah her Islamic vocabulary grew and she now uses certain terms which she did not know before. Ameenah also learnt dua-e-Istiftah or opening dua of salah, although before the class it was little difficult for her to memorize the dua. Also our mother and daughter relationship grew as we listened to the class and went over the material together. She even quizzed her Baba from the material in her worksheets. My husband was surprised that she learnt so much in the class.

My three year old also enjoyed the presentations and videos. I would give her a note book and pencils just like her sister so she would have the same feeling as if she was taking the class like her big sister.

Alhamdulillah the whole experience was full of learning even for me and I mean every word of it. This is a course I had been looking for my child to take. I will await for any new courses coming our way for my daughter's age group. InshAllah I would enroll her in them, as there is a void for meaningful Islamic courses and properly trained teachers for the youth. This combination is hard to get!

JazakAllah Khairan to you and all the teachers and the staff for all the efforts and time put in designing a course and then preparing the material including visuals and then actually acting it out as per plans. May Allah put barakah in your Ilm and Amal. Ameen.