Hadith Course

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Dream come true!


My Dearest Shazia bagi

Assalamoalaikum wr wb

Studying the Quran with meaning was my dream, Alhamdullilah with the blessing of Allah (SWT), you and Ustaza made this dream come true. From the Quran and Hadith, my mind has opened to the reality of the world. Now my mission is to impliment what I learned. The course has left me full of knowledge of all aspects of Islam, and a greater admiration and love for Allah (SWT) and Rasool (SAW)

I learned a lot from the Bukhari Course about the specifics of our deen. I am also very grateful for Sr. Shireen and Sr. Asma and how they aided us in learning how to read the correct way of reading the Quran. From the beginning of Taleem ul Quran to the end of Bukhari, I have met so many kind sisters, who have helped me understand the Quran and inspire me with their actions.

This is not the end of my search for knowledge, inshAllah this journey will continue. Please forgive me for any mistakes and remember me in your prayers, so we too can spread the deen of Allah the way you have and that inshAllah we too become Sadaqah Jariyah for Ustaza, just like you are.

I love you and Ustazah for the sake of Allah.

May Allah (SWT) bless you, Ustazah and our families for all of our efforts and give us the strength to continue this journey. Ameen.

Walaikum Salam

Tahira Bhatti


JazakAllah Ustazah for bring hadith in to my life and for designing such a brilliant course


Piyaree Shazia Baji,

Today we studied Hadith # 6 of Kitab ul Wahi it was over whelming really. MashAllah ustazah explained it so beautifully, it was just amazing.

I am more than thankful to Allah Tala for giving me this wonderful opportunity to understand His dear prophet's sayings from the best ustada. JazakAllah ustazah for bring hadith in to my life and for designing such a brilliant course.

JazakAllah shazia baji for taking so much time in Recaping the ahadith, I can't began to tell you how much it helps. Especially, your idea of highligthing somewords, is really helpful in remembering the hadith.

InshAllah, I pray Allah SWT give you and Ustazah His best rewards for your hard work, and constant struggle to spread Allah's deen. And always keep us a part of this struggle inshAllah, in anyway possible.

I hope we gain the best understanding and love of Prophet S.A.W ahadith through it, so we can fully implemant Rasool Allah S.A.W sunnah in our lives. Ameen


Maria Khan


Course exceeded expectations

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Al-Hamdulillaah wa Salaatu wa Salaam ala Rasoolihil-Kareem

Assalamu alaikum wrwb,

My dearest and loving Shazia Apa,

Your email brought tears to my eyes as well. Bukhari Course was one of the best experiences of my life as well, that i will always cherish, InshaAllah

I joined it with the expectations of learning more about this beautiful Deen of ours in hopes that it would bring me closer to Allah (swt) and Nabee (saw).The course exceeded my expectations and left me with a greater love, respect, and appreciation for Allah and His nabee (saw), Alhamdulillah…. Ustazah did and amazing job in the explanation and you did an amazing job of engaging us in each subject. . This course also challenged me to think critically and helped me to build a strong Islamic foundation.

My journey from Taleem-ul Quran through Hadith and seerah course was an experience that I'll never forget. Not just because Alhamdulillah I've learned what I wouldn't have been able to anywhere else, also because the love and affection I have received from my beloved teachers, "Ustazah" and "YOU".

I feel very fortunate to have had a chance to study under your supervision and guidance. You have not just taught us the true way of gaining Allah's Raza and guided us to improve our relationship with Allah and our nabee saw, You have also opened our hearts and minds to a whole new world of Islamic knowledge with your unique ways of teaching, MashaAllah!! You are unique in your own way. Your dedication, enthusiasm and energy gave us the true meaning of our life in this world.

You always wanted the best for us, Alhamdulillah. I don't have such words that can ever thank you enough for all that you have done for me and for all other sisters. You have been a great help and our support, MashaAllah. Whatever ustazah and you have done cannot be paid in this world in any shape and form. But InshaAllah Allah swt will make this effort and hard work a sadaqa-e jaria in the best form of appreciation in the hare after Insha Allah and will shower His hasanat in the both words…..InshaAllah.

Ustazah is also very fortunate to have you who are spreading the words of Allah and her teachings with such dedication and love. I wish and pray to Allah to give me the same isteqamat, strength and love of our deen that my teachers hold, So I can convey all that to others that I have learned from my teachers and also to bring that Ilm in my Amal, InshaAllah.

As we part, and our course has ended, we will always remember you in our duas and our feelings will never change towards you. InshaAllah. We all have loved you dearly for the beautiful hearted person that you are. We will miss our time that we have spent in the classes and in the discussions. We will continue to pray for you each day, for your success, and for your happiness for the both worlds. Will always remember that the bonds we have made here are unique; they are special and a true blessing of Allah swt, Alhamdulillah. We will be each other's strength InshaAllah, will honor that blessing and responsibility that we have been given with Ilm and continue thank Allah (SWT) for it every day. InshaAllah

Throughout the time we have been togethers, we have gained memories, gone through experiences, and met sisters that we will never forget. My heartiest congratulations and Duas for the course volunteers, coordinators and, moderators as well, who have had worked hard and made this course easier to broadcast. Special THANKS to Sr. Sheerien who taught us till the end of the special day and even after words….May Allah Swt bless her and her family and make her efforts the best sadaqa-e Jaria for all of them……….ameen

May Allah swt continue giving us the opportunities to serve Allah's Deen together, InshaAllah.

Please also remember us in your duas and keep us all connected forever, with you and Al-huda.

May Allah grant us all light upon light….Ameen

All praises to Allah SWT

Jazakallah khair for all your love and efforts.

Wassalam, with more duas

Farah Baig/ Atlanta GA



My heartiest Duas and Mubrook to all of you


Walikum assalam warehmatulahe wabarakathu

Dearest Baji in the world!

Your email has really touched my heart ,as you always do .Alhamdulillah Allah SBT has made you a source of bringing His beautiful message to us.Sometimes , I think ,if there would have been NO Online Course ,I would have never been in touch with Quran as I am now Alhamdulillah.Not to forget that this Online Course is your brain child , which has spread so much Khair around the Globe.Alhamdulillah.

We are really really thankful to you after Allah SBT, as you put your best efforts , strength, sincerity and love in teaching us and brought treasure of knowledge so that we can enlighten our hearts with the love of Nabi Sallallahualehy wassalam .JazakiAllahu khairan katheera.We are fortunate in terms that we are blessed with such Spiritual Teachers like you and Ustazah Alhamdulillah.I pray that may Allah SBT bring all our knowledge in our Amal , so that we become a great Sadaqe Jariah for you and Ustazah.And same for sister Shireen , who has helped us lot in correcting our Tajweed .Alhamdulillah.

My heartiest congratulations and Duas for all those sisters as well , who broadcasted classes, and made this wonderful and useful Website .

May Allah SBT accept it all from you and bless you with the best in here and Hereafter .Aameen.

JazakiAllahu khairan katheera .


Anisa -HS-UK052.


We can always make time for Allah

The ending of this course brought tears to my eyes as well. As my daughters grew older I had less and less to do but Alhumdulillah, by the grace of Allah (SWT) this course, you, and Ustazah found a way into my life upon which it captivated and enhanced my days to a level I could never have imagined. These classes have brought more deen and iman into my life, I have found that no matter what one's situation is in life, you can always make time for Allah (SWT), and you and Ustazah have shown us how to do so.

However, this is not the end of my ambitions in pursuing my deen, it is just the beginning. It is from this blessing that I am now able to consider what I will do to continue enhancing my iman as this course is coming to an end. After learning all that I have learned I am ambitious to pass it on to those who have yet to realize that in them too, Allah (SWT) and Islam is in arms reach. I have formed such a bond that I want to be a part of aiding, in a similar manner as you have done so for us, to those who will take your courses in the future.

May all of Allah's blessings be upon you. may He accept all that you have done for us as Sadaqa e Jariah and give you reward in this world and the akhirah. May Allah (SWT) bless us all and continue giving us Taufiq and guidance to become the best Muslims.

JZK for all you have given us,

Abida Ansari



Teachers Feelings....


Dearest Students,


May Allah sbt make this knowledge the way of gaining His pleasure. Ameen

I have very mixed feelings for the past one week, I was happy at the same time very gloomy as this course was coming to an end. Alhamdulillah as Ustazah said this was the first time this kind of course was offered and mashallah you all are among those fortunate lovers of knowledge who completed it with commitment and dedication. Mashallah it's such a great achievement for all of us as we have gone through Sahih Bukhari and developed such a strong love for Nabi s.a.w and his Sunnah Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah it was Allah's special Rahmah and help that I was able to teach you whatever I have gained from Ustazah. The time spent with Ustazah I will always cherish and treasure it till the end of my life. I always remember her saying when asked her; "Guidance is from Allah but He made you a source, you have given me so much how can I pay you back for this Ahsan. She said teach others what I have taught you." I knew I can never be at the level of knowledge she is so decided that based on my knowledge and experience of teaching I will try different ways and creative methods and whatever treasure of her knowledge is hidden in tapes I will bring forth to people.

At another time Ustazah also advised me to do listening so since then it's my routine that there is always something which I am listening at home, in my car and whatever I do listening is a part of my life. Listening to different lectures of Ustazah has improved my speech a lot and has developed so many things which I lacked in me. Every lecture has reminder not to forget Allah and Akhirah, motivation to work and do amal and self analysis tips which keep me on track always Alhamdulillah.

On the completion of this course I want to thank Allah swt that He provided me with everything which was needed to conduct this course, then Ustazah Dr. Farhat Hashmi for giving me this opportunity and trusting in me, then to all of you because your active participation has made this course so interesting and lively.

My hearties Congratulations to all of you for this great achievement. May Allah sbt accept all your hard work and efforts and make these efforts the best Sadqa-e-jaria. Amen

My advice for you would be the same as Ustazah advised me convey what you have learnt, keep yourself in touch with Quran always and keep listening to good lectures for your spiritual health.

With lots of love and Duas


Shazia Nawaz


Pearls from an Ocean

Reading Hadith after Quran was like picking pearls from deep down the Ocean. Alhumdulilha.

On weekend I used to raise the voice of speakers so my all family could hear these words of our beloved Prophet Mohammad ( saw). It was like sun shine of Allah swt's Rehma coming in my home. When my husband came to know that it is the last day of Sahi Bukhari, he was sad and asked me to join other course. He also liked Ustad Dr I drees Zubair’s lectures and we both learnt so much in lectures of Islami Akaid and Hadith ki Ehmiat aur Zaroorat .

The advices of Ustaza throughout the course in light of Quranic Ayas and Ahadith kept me on track in all situations. This was the blessing of Allah swt !!

When my sweet Shazia baji would ask questions in grammer, I was keen to answer them and my husband would also help me. I was motivated when she applauded us by saying Excellent or “hasan hasan”. We all love you Shazia baji.

In recaps of hadith and Tajaliyyat e namboowat my son Ahmed (7 yrs) would too reply with me and i used to be surprised how come he knows the answer. SubhanAllah!


Farheen Shaukat

Sahi Bukhari Student


Jazakillah khairun kaseera...

One of the best things about our deen is that it puts more meaning in simple gestures. I was looking for words to show my appreciation to you for bringing to us the hadith seerah course. Then I realised that the dua 'Jazakillah khairun kasira' was indeed the best way to ask Allah to increase your reward many times over for all the effort you put in and to protect your ajar for akhira (when indeed we will need it most).

You made the online classes so natural and lively that sometimes it was difficult to imagine you were talking to a dead screen! But that is the least of it all.....Today when you were doing dua, I was thinking to myself....in the end we are answerable to Allah for each action and there will come a day when each moment will weigh in our balance....Our teachers have worked so hard to teach us, guide us and inspire us, but ultimately if we can only IMAGINE that final standing in front of Him, we can make our lives worthwhile....

Courses start and finish, people come and go, but we can only truly give the huqq of our teachers when we give deen its true huqq.

May Allah indeed make us sadqa e jaria for our 'roohani' parents, and give us the taufeeq to take forward all the knowledge they have imparted to us in the best most beautiful possible way.

Do forgive us for our short comings Shazia Baji and indeed May Allah exalt you to the company of His best creation on the Final Day. ameen.

all my love



My Journey

My journey through the quran has enabled me to experience this verse, alhamdulillah.

I had been busy all my life making good use of my time, so I thought, gaining worldly

knowledge at the highest possible level. I thought I was a good muslimah, I loved my

job and was pretty good at my speciality of pediatrics. It so happened that when my

fourth child was born, my husband and I decided that I take a couple of years off from

work so I could give more time to the tarbiyah of our kids. However, when all my

children had entered school, I found this emptiness in my life I had never experienced

before. My children were doing hifz at home at that time and my oldest son had begun

to understand some quran through his Islamic school. That intrigued me and I started

learning the Arabic language at home. I bought many books of Arabic and remember

going over the grammar tables again and again. I was never afraid of hard work and

was happy I had found something to do in free time. I used to listen to the quran that my

children memorized but it was more of a chore than something I looked forward to.

I was then introduced to Ustadhaʼs quran in MP3 by my neighbor and soon my sister

introduced me to the TQM course. However, I had to make sure I was learning Islam

and quran from the right sources as I always had a quest to learn from the best source

available to me. I first listened to Ustadhaʼs quran tafseer for a couple of months at my

neighborʼs house. My heart wept and I was amazed how each verse of the quran was

directed at me. I could see my ignorance melt away, my emotions transform into

patience, and I began to see faults of people less and my own faults more. By the grace

of Allah and tarbiyah of my parents, I had been reading quran with meaning almost

everyday of my life, of course with some bumps in the road. But I had never seen the

quran in this light. This was unique, unlike any tafseer I had read. I soon joined the

TQM-08 course although I was late by 3 juz. I enjoyed everyday of the course and saw

my outlook on life change tremendously. I still have ways to go and know that tazkiyah

of nafs is an everyday process till death but at least I have the tool many are deprived


Since then I joined and am almost at the end of the Bukhari course. As enlightening as I

found the words of my Lord, I was wonder-struck of the wisdom-filled words of

rasoolullah (s). Since then my children have learnt this language, especially my

youngest son, now 11, whose hifz coincided with my quranic journey. My husband is

also learning the quranic language, alhamdulillah. I am now on a quest to tell every

Muslimah I meet about what they are missing. This is my most frequent topic of

discussion. Alhamdulillah, we have a whole group of sisters who sit once a week to

learn the quran in my home. My passion in medicine has transformed into a passion for

the quran. Every time I read the quran, I find a new message, an ayat that looks like I

am reading for the first time, alhamdulillah. I have been off from work fully for the past

three years, and now as I think of going back to work part-time, I look back and cherish

every moment that I spent with AlHuda and will always continue to be part of this great

family, inshaʼAllah. My children now ask me, “When are you going to do hifz, mom?”

I thank Allah for this blessing of being able to cry during taraweeh and for being able to

go through it without being tired. I thank Him for giving me the ability to think of my

weaknesses and a chance at istighfaar. I thank Allah for making me realize the

immense value of the hereafter and looking at the world only like a means to a very

great end. I cannot thank Ustadha and the staff of AlHuda enough for make this a reality

for me.

My duas are with my parents, with Ustadha, with sister Shazia, sister Bushra (my TQM

coordinator), sister Seemein (my Bukhari course coordinator) and of course all off-thescene

AlHuda members who make this possible. May Allah protect them and their

families in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.


Samina Ali


JazakAllah Khair for teaching us wonderful subjects. Alhamdulillah You

explained things very well MashAllah and we felt that we all learned a

lot from your teaching and experience. You taught us how to teach our

children and others and how to benefit from our classes to the fullest

extent. We learned from the advice that you gave us, and we really

appreciate it. For everyone we share our knowledge with, InshAllah May

Allah SWT make this a source of sadqah jahiriya for you. InshAllah we

will do our best to practice what you taught us.

May Allah SWT reward you for all of your wonderful work. ameen

We all pray that Allah SWT shower His Rahmah upon you and your family. ameen

We always look forward to your guidance.

With loving duas,


Gulzeba Ahmed


Allahumma lakal hamdu hatta tarza wa lakal hamdu iza razeet wa salllahu ala nabi’eena Mohd wa alaa aali hi wa sahbihi ajma’een…


Ustazah ,I have no words to thank my beloved Ustazah for being there for us as a Spiritual /Roohani Mother ..guiding us towards the right path with kindness an generosity , every day you are planting a seed of curiosity and motivation to know and to grow and succeed. Jazaak'Allah for all that you’ve done for us... May Allah Bless you with Ajr e azeem and keep you as a rahmah and shafqat on us in our future life.. ameen

Allah understood our thirst for

knowledge, and our need to be led

by someone wiser;

He needed a heart of compassion,

of encouragement, and patience;

Someone who would accept

the challenge regardless of the


Someone who could see potential

and believe in the best in others . . .

So He made Ustazah for us .. Subhaan'Allah

My sweet Shazia baji

I can't thank you enough …for being there for us with super patience, making our class so lively along with doing our islah …and being there as a practical role modle for us

My Sweet sis Seemein

,for all the extra efforts you make to help us grow and the challenges you encourage us to face to help us become who we are.With you we found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything

My Loveliest sis Bushrah,

Jazak'Allah for your guidance, friendship, and even for your discipline. I learned that I am strongest when I recognize what yet is weak and how I might best develop those parts of my character. Thank you for taking the time to be my friend.

My Loveliest Sis Maria,

we really appreciate the way you encourage students to put their best efforts in understanding the lessons.I am lucky to have the best teacher in this world. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher

Jazak Allah Khairan Katheer for everything you did for us …

The Word teacher explains all !!

T is for talented that you surely are

E is for explaining so patiently

A is for the ability to make the class fun

C is for correcting us when we were wrong

H is for helping us in every way

E is for encouraging us to do our best

R is for rare, there is only one of you!

So thank you special teacher; we think you're great Masha’Allah!

we are so blessed to have teachers like youI


for my lovely sisters

Our Class has come to an end, and we know

Our lives will be different and new;

We’re going out into the world,

Our goals and dreams to pursue.

But one thing will never, ever change,

As we go our separate ways;

The relation we’ve made in THIS CLASS will be

as SISTERS for all our days.

The special ties and attachments we’ve made,

These bonds will never be broken;

We’ll continue to feel that special bond,

Though words may not be spoken.

So it’s not "goodbye," but rather "farewell;"

WE’ll see each-other again, my SISTERS

in this world and In

Jannah, And this journey will never end.


Jazakkumullahu khairan katheeran to all my sisters for your participation and co-operation

Wa akhir wa da’wanaa anil hamdulillahi rabbil alaeem

و جزاكما الله خيرا

السلام علیکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکٰۃ