Ramadan Course

Post date: Oct 18, 2011 7:09:04 PM

Beautiful knowledge

Assalamalykum wr wb,

My best regards to sis shazia as she is conducting the ramadan course so well. I am praying ramadan never end O Allah, I am enjoying a lot Alhhamdolillah.

The beautiful way of ustaza's teaching and the beautiful way to conduct all knowledge to students. Alhamdoliilah i am able to attend the course with my best teachers..May Allah help me to choose right way of our deen ameen..

Sana masood,DQU-ON-007


A Better Ramadan

Assalam o Alaikum,

Dear Shazia nawaz baji MashaALLAH this Dawrah e Quraan is helping me in a great way Alhamdulillaah.As the theme suggests that this Ramadaan should be better in everyway than before this comes into my mind in all my matters like when i stand for Namaaz i try to pray better than before with more Khushoo when i keep fast i try to keep better fasts when i meet people i try and help them in my best capacity also i have started understanding meanings from Quraan during Taraaweeh and Qiyaaam Layal because last night the Imaam was saying SAABIQOON AL AWALOON and tears came into my eyes as i am literally trying to become Saabiqoon in Namaaaz,Sadaqaat and Khairaat

JazakALLAH Khairan

Sajila Imran

Doha Qatar