Fehm al Quran (Kids Course)

Post date: Dec 25, 2012 8:20:09 PM

Racing to do Good!

Asalamalikum Warahmatulahe Wabarakatuhu!

Yesterday's lesson taught me numerous valuable lessons.

I have attached my homework ("race towards good") poster onto the gem, inshaAllah i hope you like it DU'A CLASS- i learned that prophet Muhammad (saw) was asked to make the du'a for knowledge, even when he had all the knowledge given to him from Allah swt. This shows how important the du'a for knowledge is, and we can use it for asking for knowledge about the deen and other things, like school.

TAJWEED CLASS - Alhumdulilah, this class has effectively changed the way I read the QUR'AN. I can spot my mistakes, and enjoy it even more. I learnt about the 'qalqala' or 'bounce/echo' letters:

Baa, Taa, Qaaf, Daal, Jeem.

Fehmul Quran class - We are Ummatul Wasat = best moderate ummah. Allah swt has blessed us, and given us the responsibility to spread his precious words.

The changing of the Qibla from facing Jerusalem to the Ka'bah was a test to determine the believers- those who accept whatever Allah swt presents to them without second thoughts.

The Qibla keeps the muslims united, we all pray in the same direction towards the same thing-the place where all muslims turn to for Allah swt ... the Ka'bah. It is also the final qibla.

Since we have been labelled as the best Ummah, we need to prove it too. If we do not please Allah swt by not completing our responsibilities, he will replace us with a better nation. The same way a principal replaces a teacher.

Allah swt says everyone has a direction to which they turn their faces to, the Qibla is there for us to face/run towards for good deeds.

The purpose for Allah swt to send messengers was to purify us of the things that are wrong, like anger, jealousy and greed. The prophets taught us about Allah's book and wisdom. After messengers, scholars have to continue teaching nations the same way prophet did. After them, it is OUR responsibility to better ourselves and spread the colours of our deen.

We should always seek for help from Allah swt with patience, Allah swt is always with those who are patient and he mentions our name in front of the angels if we mention him.

When we are stuck, we should ask for help from ALLAH, he will give is the solutions to the problems.

"The shortest distance between a problem and it's solution is the distance between your knees and the floor, the one who kneels to Allah can stand up to anything."

Seerah Class:

I learnt that bad dreams come from Shaytan, we should not share bad dreams because they may come true.

Similarly, good dreams should not be shared either, because they may cause jealousy. However, you can share your dreams with your mum.

A very good lesson i learnt from all this class was to NEVER go to fortune tellers, even for fun if you don't believe in them. There are other things such as horoscopes/zodiacs, palm reading and fortune cookies which don't sound like a big deal, but they are. It is a huge shirk to do this, and your prayers are not accepted for 40 days. This lessons is very valuable to me, because living in a world full of shirk with things such as horoscopes, which come in newspapers, and I am sure those who are unaware of the consequences read it, even if they don't believe in it.

Another thing is that names affect a persons personality, so we should pick out good names, and not have nicknames or be ashamed of them, but stay thankful.

The first blessing Allah SWT gave us after the blessing of creating us, was speech. We should use it well by spreading Islam. Those who have effective ways of communicating are very successful in life.

We learnt about the miracles which happened after prophet Muhammad saw was born, such as the sudden blessings which took place in Haleema's household.

The best thing i learnt from Yesterday's lesson was the miracle, which Angel Jibrael performed on Prophet Muhammad saw by taking out his heart, and removing the lump of flesh in which the shaytan sits, and washing his heart with zamzam water to purify it. He then placed it back inside. Prophet Muhammad did not suffer any pain, but was slightly shocked, and the scars remained on his chest as proof.

This is truly an amazing miracle, it shows the impossible made possible, and how amazing Allah swt is. We think the technology now is so advanced, but we hardly ever look back at the miracles written in the Qur'an.

Muslims have the responsibility to share and spread the words of Allah swt, those who hide anything (like the Jews did) will suffer from a bridle of fire. They were the ones who knew the truth, but did not speak it, which is why Allah swt replaced them for a better nation later on, and changed the Qibla.

Another gem i learnt was to never idolize anyone, apart from Prophet Muhammad saw. We must check who and what we follow and should not follow anyone blindly except for Allah swt.

The choices we make today determine our tomorrow, which is why we should choose wisely and follow the right path.

Alhumdulilah I always learn so many new gems in every lesson, and sharing it helps myself and others to learn.

JazakAllah Khayran to the teachers for helping us understand the Qur'an to the best of our abilities.

~Rafia Urooba