Post date: Oct 19, 2011 3:42:10 PM

Stress, Anger and Our Body PH Level

When we get angry or stressed we are also making the body ph more acidic. Our ph changes not just from the foods we eat, but due to our emotional states(stress, anger, hate, jealousy etc) .( From the book: ""Alkalize or Die"" By: Dr. Theodore A. Baroody)

When i came to know about it, i thought that Allah SWT has already guided us through Quran and Sunnah of not getting angry or jealous /hate or any negative traits. SubhanAllah.

This Quran is not only guidance for mankind but source of cure and heal. This also reminded me of following hadith which we learned in Sahi Bukhari class(kitabul adab).

Sulayman ibn Surad said, ""Two men abused one another in the presence of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and one of them began to get angry and his face got red. The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, looked at him and said, 'I know some words that, if he says them, will remove this from him. They are: ""I seek refuge with Allah from the Accursed Shaytan.""' The man went to that man and said, 'Do you know what he(saw) said? He(saw) said, ""I seek refuge with Allah from the Accursed Shaytan.""' The man retorted. 'Do you think me mad?"" (Sahi Bukhari,kitab ul adab, hadith#139)

When we get angry we should say Ta'ooz, sit if we are standing, drink water, and if possible pray 2 rakas and ask Allah (SWT) for more patience and guidance, and thank for all the blessings He has given us. And above all thank for the ability He gave us to learn through Quran and hadith.

Some really useful tips to get rid of anger and have positive impact on health.



Farheen Shaukat

Sahi Bukhari student


We are still alive, still have a chance...



After the passing of sister Nazish now we know who she was, before we just knew she was one of our gp member from Al huda ,Salman gp where she started her 1st journey. I remember in our 1st gp during introduction Nazish kept saying, "I felt bad now, I spent my life in getting worldly education and work. Why didn't I start learning Quran before." I told her you are not too late, at least you started now.

She was an active gp member always present in regular gp & also in our study gp. We assigned her as a gp incharge in our study gp, she conducted her gp so well that we were surprised b/ mostly in the class she was quiet person.

Beside Al Huda she started taking classes on line offered by Sheikh Al Shareef.

She also joined the Alim course from voice of Umma, she completed the 6 months course and then she enrolled in the next program that is going to end in December.

When we look at sister Nazish's life, her struggle with her disease & her passion to learn Allah swt's deen, none of us can say I don't have time to learn Allah swt's book. We are lucky we are still alive, we are still

breathing, we still have some moments we can use before it will be too late & regret forever.

Please spread this message to those who are still thinking they are going to learn but waiting for a better time, there will be no better time then now.

May Allah swt grant Jannatul Firdous to sister Nazish, make every effort she did in her life to learn Allah swt's deen as sadq-e-jaria for her.



Rukhsana Chaudhry

Al Huda student


Dawah to Building Residents


Assalamoalaikum wr rb,

Dear Sister Shazia,

I want to share with you a personal experience of doing dawah. Every Ramadan, online student ( mostly 1429 course) here in Dubai, pool in sadaqah money to prepare gift bags before Ramadan for muslims and non- muslims. Each of us distribute them in our neighbour-hood, to friends and relatives. This year I moved to a new location, an apartment building, where there are mostly non-muslims living, since most of the couples are working so there isn’t much interation with them.

I was a bit worried how to distribute bags in an effective way. But Allah SWT put an idea in my heart. I told my huband about it but he was little apprehensive about it. On my insistence he agreed to help. I took a table, well actually it was a cloth rack (have to be innovative), folded it’s sides and cover it with a beautiful table cloth. We took it down at the entrance of the building and the bags, around 20-25 of them.

We took permission from the security person to display the gift bags for that evening, which was given. We then arranged the table and the bags near the side of the entrance. I took a print out and sticked it on the wall behind the display, stating:

Dear All, we want to share the blessings of this month of Ramadan with you, please accept this gift from us. Each bag for non-muslims contained a copy of English translation of Quran,a book on the Prophet SAW and a packet of dates. The muslim’s one had informative books and cards of dua.

We left the bags after asr and my husband went to check upon them just before Maghrib, alhamdulilah all the bags were gone. I was so grateful to Allah SWT that it worked so well. When I shared this experience with my daughter in USA, she suggested to share it with all the students, specially living in Canada and USA. They can do dawah this way in their apptment building and work place. A bouquet of flowers can be added to the display to make it more inviting.

If you think this will benefit and inspire others then forward it.

May Allah SWT accept from us and keep our intentions pure. Ameen

JazakAllah khairoon,

A student of Quran.