Current scenario of the flood and our role in present and future

Natural disasters never give time to plan the relief activities, it comes, destroys and it leaves leaving the victims bewildered. What is left after the calamity is the homeless millions of people who are starving for just a piece of bread, thousands of infants seriously affected by the infectious diseases in light of poor old people who otherwise need support for their lives become total liability.


Systematically, if we look into the scenario from a broader aspect, the basic necessity that gets a top priority is food. Secondly, medicines and thirdly, a safe shelter. Then comes the stage of restoration and rehabilitation.

Here in NWFP, the natural calamity was the flood. The result is approx 20 million homeless, dislocated persons including women, children, and older people.

Flood has taken away 10% of the affected areas house in totality, 40% partially and 50% slightly damaged.


The flood water that rose approx 1o-12 ft high at peak flood hours, has now starting submerging and hopefully in the next 1 month or so the area will be flood free and that will be the time when these poor affected people, who because of multiple reasons have taken shelters on the road sides, different schools, community setups, tent villages with their relatives, will be moving back and that will be the start of rehabilitation and restoration stage.


1. This is the holy month of Ramazan and relief activity can be carried out like normal months of the year, yet our dedicated team members are all out, to assist their brothers, sisters and mothers.

Irrespective of the fast, thirst and hunger, their objective is clearly seen in their eyes, to assist, accommodate, feed and medically support their poor fellows.

2. Our daily schedule activities carry out under the supervision of Alhuda Hayatabad are as follows:

I. Bulked food is cooked in our campus by our staff/students, and then is hygienically packed for Iftar and Sehri as well.

It is then handed over to our teams, who take these packets in different vehicles to their respective identified areas.

Flood affectee’s are waiting for the food to come, and is distributed in a very organized and systematic manner. This package system is extremely liked by the affectee’s as there is no hassle and every person gets the desired share.

II. We also add basic medicines in our package like disprin, cough syrup, and dysentery medicines.

Normally our per head package comprises of:

2 nans, saalan/qeema, prepared chilled Jam-e- sheeri in disposable 1.5 liter bottles/fruit.

III. Our Sehri package comprises of bread, cream, milk, dates.

During our today’s routine food distribution a very strange miracle happened, that one of our team was carrying food for 300 people in a vehicle, when we started the distribution we noticed that even after completing 300 people, ample were still left. So the team went to more nearby affected villages and this way the food which was only for 300 people became adequate for 700-800 people, Mashallah. This incident reminded us of ‘’Ghazwa-e-khanduq’’ where the same miracle took place.

IV. We provide gallons of chilled juice daily, for 2000-3000 people along with dates.

V. Dry ration for the identified camps and families along with gas cylinders.

We plan to keep continuing and yet expanding our relief base activity to more and more flood victims during the month of Ramazan. We need your financial assistance as we daily ends up with zero balance but with the grace of Allah Almighty, we manage to keep this activity moving. Yet, your financial assistance will make us execute this relief activity in a more planned manner.


As expected after the month of Ramazan, the flood water will be totally submerging and that will be time for colossal return moment if flood affectee’s back to their homes for the rehabilitation and restoration for their totally partially, slightly damaged houses.

This will be the time when our relief teams accompanied by our professional evaluators will physically visit the actual flood affected areas and will thus, evaluate the cost of rehabilitation/restoration for the true needy and poor people of the areas, who can’t survive the rehabilitation phase completely.

Without financial assistance as expected by the initial survey of the area, per house/family restoration/rehabilitation may vary from 5000-50,000.

You can well imagine there are almost 3 Lac to 4 Lac dislocated and affected families only in NWFP.

We need a lot, we can do a lot, and we will do a lot. I am sure Allah will help us, and make best waseela of donation for the assistance of the poor, grief struck people.

May Allah always be with us.

Written By:

Qurat-ul-Ain Khan

Al Huda International, Peshawar Region.


Al Huda Institute, Canada