Where are fees used?

May Allah swt give lot of Barakah in your Rizq and accept each penny from you and make it the best Sadaqa-e-jaria for you and family. Ameen

Many students do have this question why we are being charged fee and Shaitan at times put negative thoughts in mind especially when a fee reminder is sent.

We thought to clarify how your fee is used and every penny you paid is a Sadaqa-e-Jaria for you.

Every Month these are the expenses which are covered from the Tuition fee

1- Monthly charges of www.alhudatalk.com since we have added option of recordings and new features the monthly payment of alhudatalk is approx. $1800 a month which is managing mashallah 75 Online Courses. Paltalk rooms are also being used for students who are unable to connect to alhudatalk rooms, this payment is approx $850 a month.

Therefore your fee is helping students of 75 Courses Mashallah in 2 rooms each Barakallahu Fikum.

We have students from all over the world so your Fee is a Global Sadaqa-e-Jaria for you and in sha Allah on the day of Judgment you will see manifold Sadaqa-e-Jaria and how many seeds you planted and they become trees and gardens of Khair.

2- We have about 5-10 students in every Course who cannot afford to pay fee or buy books. Your fee helps them to listen to the class. We also send them books free of charge so their Quran study continues. Like last year about 20 Urdu and English Juz (1-30) sets, 75 individual Juz, 572 Duas and Subject books were given to students free of charge.

Each student who benefits from the Quran and book is a Sadaqah-e-Jaria for you. Some students also share the books with their family members imagine the multiplication of deeds.

3- We have some Admin and Academics Staff who are given monthly salary in North America, UK, UAE and Pakistan who are working day and night to serve different projects and areas of

Al-Huda International and Al-Huda Online.

We have many graders who grade your Tests and Assignments. Each grader spends approx. 20-30 minutes to grade one test or assignment as per grading policy. We pay them some amount to compensate their services and to cover shipping charges.

Your Tuition fee is providing opportunities to lot of Staff to work from homes and add Sadaqa-e-Jaria in your book of Deeds.

4- To run Al-Huda Institute Building which includes rent and utilities. Al-Huda Institute is the Brain and a Resource Center of all Online Courses. We have different departments at Al-Huda Admin, Academics, Book Store, Out Reach, Examination and Result who are working 5 days a week to cater Academics and Admin needs of Al-Huda Online staff and students.

Alhamdulillah we also do different activities for women, girls and kids during the year in the Institute.

5- After cover up all these expenses the extra fee is sent to Al-Huda H-11 Islamabad for different Sadaqa-e-Jaria projects. During March we had $700 extra so we sent $500 for Water Cooler projects, $200 for Orphans and needy.

Mashallah when all Online students pay their fee dues in time we get lot of options to help and support different projects and when they don’t we get limited.

Alhamdulillah in previous years we used extra fee if there was any every month, send to help refugees in Burma, Haiti, and other countries through reliable sources along with Al-Huda International projects. We make sure the amount you pay is saved well in your Akhirah Bank in sha Allah.

We appreciate your continuous help and support. Kindly pay you fee dues in time so every month with your matters of Duniya and the matters of Akhirah are also protected.

We need your help. May Allah swt make your Sadaqa a Shade on the day of Judgment. Ameen

1- Pay your Fee dues monthly and previous.

2- Pay Monthly fee of any student of your Course randomly

3- Contribute in Sadaqah-e-Jaria projects through these links


Jazakallahukhairun kaseera wa Barakallahu Fikum. If you need more details email us at rcna2004@gmail.com


Shazia Nawaz

Al-Huda International

Regional Coordinator


Email: rcna2004@gmail.com