Spending for the Sake of Earning the Pleasure of Allah swt

Opportunity to Join hands with Friends of Al-Huda, who have pledged for different projects of Sadaqa-e-Jaria domestic and international.

Alhamdulillah in past years we had some Friends of Al-Huda who pledged to donate monthly recurring donations for different projects of Sadaqa-e-Jaria since 2011.

Some of our friends have completed their pledge of 3 years and some still want to continue. I mentioned these in some of the classes so sisters requested that they also want to be part of these projects.

You can join us by subscribing below

Alhamdulillah with the amount of donation we received on monthly basis, we sponsored different projects of Al-Huda International and are still doing sponsoring.

Some of the major projects:

1- Sponsoring Websites servers of www.alhudatalk.com and other Al-Huda Websites where thousands of people benefit daily.

2- Sponsored 10, 000 Waeyaka Nastaeen English Version.

3- Sponsored different Dua Cards, Books and Dawah Material to be distributed worldwide.

4- Sponsoring Iphone, Ipad and Android apps

5- Funds to help needy, flood and other relief projects, sponsor Orphans, needy students and staff.

6- Sponsored IVR project

7- Sponsored Al-Huda Sales book store H-11.

8- Sent funds for promotion of H-11 General Fund.

9- Funds sent for Farahm-e-Aab ( water supply) project

10- Iftaar and food for Hostel students and Needy.

11- Flood Relief

12- H-11 Sadaqa-e-Jaria Projects

13- Helping Orphans and Widows

14- Sponsoring pay of Staff

15- Sponsoring school fee for deserving children

16- AIS (Al-Huda International School for kids) books for Library worth of $2000.00 were sent.

17- AIS multi-purpose hall Construction.

These are the major projects Alhamdulillah whenever we see any opportunity of Sadaqa-e-Jaria we use these funds of Sadaqa-e-Jaria so whoever even if pay $1 earns a rewards of millions in sha Allah.

May Allah swt give lot of Barakah in your Rizq and accept each penny from you and make it the best Sadaqa-e-jaria for you and family. Ameen Jazakallahukhairun kaseera wa Barakallahu Fikum.

If you need more details email us at rcna2004@gmail.com