English Correspondence Course

Course Duration:

Maximum 4 years to complete

3 Terms per year - 4 months each

Course completion in 4 yrs = 12 terms

Course Curriculum

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Pattern of learning:

Lectures are uploaded on a password protected website, a login and password will be assigned to you.

There will be a Lesson Incharge who will give you monthly lesson goals.

1) Listen & Repeat along with the recitation for Tajweed for each lesson.

( to improve Tajweed repeat lesson at least 3 times)

2) Listen to the Quran Tafsir lectures, take notes.

3) Memorize the word to word translation, root words & duas.

4) Revise Translation lesson at least 7 times

5) Once your half Juz is complete, your Lesson Incharge will give you a time to do your Oral Assessment of Tajweed and Translation.

6) If the Lesson Incharge is satisfied with the Oral assessment you will be emailed Test of Translation.

Fees: (pay below)

$20 Registration Fee (one time)

$50 per 4 month term

Extension Fee:

After 4 years a fee will be charged for extension

$50 per 4 months


(click below on names of books)

Juz Set

Individual Juz

Tajweed Quran

Tajweed Rules

Waeyaka Nastaeen

Duas for Attaining Knowledge

Knowledge Duas Bookmark

Vocabulary Dictionary


  • Set a time table for learning
  • Attend sessions with your assigned Incharge on time
  • Pay Fees On time
  • Mail in tests & assignments
  • 2 closed book translation tests for each Juz
  • 1 open book Tafsir assignment for each Juz
  • Dua tests and/or assignments (depending on subject)

Students who would like to obtain a Certificate by maintaining the requirements please register below

To get an idea of the class please listen to the sample lessons by clicking here

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