Summer Online English Course EST

Spend your Summer with:
Gems of the Quran
Understand, Memorize & Implement
Improve your year with a few weeks of study inshaAllah  

Live classes with online student participation!

May 27th - June 12th 2014
3 Week Course

What is the Curriculum?

Tafseer: Surah Hujarat & Some Selected Verses 
Hifdh: Selected Surahs 
Selected Names of Allah 
Stories of Prophets 
Salah Workshop 
Skill Development Workshop

What is the cost?
Certificate Students Fee $50 total
[Includes Course Access Fee $10 + $30 Certificate & $10 Mailing Fee]
May 29th last day to register as a certificate student

Certificate will only be issued to those students who meet the requirements: 
90% attendance + 80% or above marks on all assignments
All fees are non refundable

Where do I get Class Materials?
All Materials will be emailed to registered certificate students for purchase and download. 

Tuesday May 27th to Thursday June 12th 2014
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 
(3 days a Week)

10:00 am to 1:00 pm EST time

Where I can Attend Online?
Room's Name:
Summer English Course 2014 - Room # 85