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Teachers Training Course

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Feedback after the course by various students in the course:

What I found beneficial about this course:
1.Teaching techniques.
2.Importance of organization.
3.Importance of good character of Ustaad.
4.class time table was made in the most efficient way .
5.Very well presented presentations & explained.
6.over all well done.


I'm very weak in planning, vision and mission stuff so this course helped me a lot to develop this habit and especially this course help me a lot in Tazkia'e Nafs Alhamdolillah :)
It gave me confidence to go ahead and spread word of Allah to the world and become a daee. The course was emphasizing not only on teaching life but also the way of living our family life. There was all practical points in it. Alhamdulilah it helped alot. It reminded me to pay attention on my personal development and simultaneously teach what i learn so that i retain it and inshaAllah bring into amal as well. The encouragement given by sister shazia helped alot and she very well handled the entire program, Alhamdulilah learned alot from her personal living too. She shared alot of beneficial tips with us..JAZAK ALLAH KHAIRAN KATHEERA FOR THIS WONDERFUL OPPURTUNITY TO GIVE US A DIRECTION AND A CHANNEL TO WORK ONTO.


"Alhamdulillah every thing i found beneficial for me, actually I felt you designed this course just for guiding me!

I learned how to do which work at what time. Also, I learned how to manage my work and in what order all the work should be done. I learned alot about planning for something with proper wisdom.


"Alhamdolillah first of all very motivational , a great moral booster, it was like one to one teaching and learning and at the same time benefiting from group study and learning from fellow students Alhamodlillah.


Content wise very thorough ,very well explained presentation ,very well made as well,and equally explained well orally by Sr.Shazia Nawaz. Alhamodlillah learned a lot from activity sheets now very clear how to make questions for recap and for self study as well.


Alhamdolilah  I can feel excellent team work just by being in class as student, AH I can feel everyone and everything is been done JUST FOR ALLAH'S SAKE. It the biggest motivational and inspiring factor for me AH and brings me closer to Allah SWT


"I had no idea really how much planning and hard work goes into teaching as we always thought that being the student is the toughest job, and the teacher already know everything so she has no idea what difficulties I, as a student,am facing... I appreciate the teachers now even more.
Got an amazing insight into the Prophet SAW's  role as a teacher and how much more there is to be learnt from His Seerah!
I already teach Quran to young children Alhamdulillah, but now I find that everything I do is wrong and all that's because I never made lesson plans and timetables, but I  just started teaching as I constantly felt the need to pass on the knowledge that i had! I plan to inshallah finish my taleemalquran  course then organize my classes according to the guidelines given. JazakAllah khair  "


Be patient with my children do for the sake of Allah be organized and focus
1.time management.
2.self control.
3.increase iman.
4.imandari to utilize your time.

Got to know more about AlHuda
Detailed presentations about how to conduct classes
Pd tips
Ustazah's precious advices

Overall A+ :)


The part of training i want to talk abt is the personality of teacher.i always know that teacher is the pillar of a class but how this pillar should be as roll model for student i have learned from this course.
if i can sum up the role and personality of a teacher  here are few points;
 I have learned that a Teacher should have a good sense of humor, tons of patience, an ability to not take things personally, a love of her subject, a respect of their students, and the knowledge that 15,000 things need to happen within the next 30 seconds :)
I have learned that a Teacher should be an attentive listener and In between check and interaction, a Teacher should understand one thing that the students are learning.
I have learned To plan for accurate timing
I have learned to choose the suitable methods of teaching in respect of the students and topics with a great care. And to help the students learn, especially those who are with problems.
I have learned that an ideal Teacher needs to play a vital role in active advisor  among the staff
I have learned that a good Teacher needs to be careful about the criteria on Control, Guide, Consult and Facilitate.

Finally like to mention one qoute which i read somewhere:

""Learners love me, I love my lovers,
Searchers look me in unseen sheet of papers,
I am knowledge. ""


I really like the way sister Shazia  was conducting the course in friendly environment. "
Made me realize that just knowledge is not sufficient to become a teacher. Teaching skills are especially important to convey the ilm.  ilm decays and eventually dies if not conveyed and it is its haq to be conveyed. Further the importance of planning was reinforced. When shazia Baji mentioned that Allah is the best of planners and loves planning and discipline it made me realize that being able to perform this task is important and part of our religion.


Every girl and boy should attend this course not only teachers. then there will be no argument, no fight, there will be peace , harmony, love, respect and care for each other."


This course gave me a very vast concept of how to make my self use full and recognizing my own capabilities .It also gave me the knowledge of how to be a teacher of my self first .And it enhanced my view of what to do in the future for promoting the right deen around me.jazakallah khairan kasira to ustaza and shazia baji.


"Out of so many things that I found beneficial personally Alhumdulillah, these are a few most important:
1- Straightening my intention & reconnection with Allah: I am in this thing purely for the sake of Allah and it is Him that I have to seek help from.
2- Increase in motivation and resolution.
3- Personality development, find my mistakes and avenues that need improvement
4- Discovered my areas of strength and an outline for my future plans, now I have to build my own structure around them and execute it Insha'Allah."
Alhumdullilah,i learned how can i manage my time during the class and how to be focus on content as well.


The lectures were very detailed and informative. I found them very helpful and I found Shaazia Nawaz's manner of discussion very clear . I hope to be able to implement the lessons learnt into my life and future
I learned that teaching is not easy and that I have to be more prepared before teaching. Organization is also very important. The lectures were very good and the activity sheets were very helpful.


1. It was Tazkia Nafs for me.
2. It has taught me how to give Dawa, and its Hikmah. Mashaallah.
3. It has taught me the Iklas.
4. It has taught me Taqwa.
abouve all I have learn to be a better person, and do every thing for Allah (swt).


" This course was an eye opener for me as its showed me what to do from the beginning till the end to start a class; how to plan, and then to proceed and reach our ultimate target. Misali Ustad lecture was so beneficial to improve my self as a  Qur'an teacher, this course was an energy booster.


"Dr. farhat's lectures, her live talk (motivational), her real life incidents, her schedule and dealing with different situations. Sister shazia's real life stories and personal experiences. activity sheet and taking it up in class helped a lot. Presentations, tables, charts regarding schedules and timings were extremly helpful for us who want to continue teaching Quran in their homes or the Center inshAllah. Jazak Allahu khairun katheera."


I learnt  a lot during this course, Alhamdoulilah it was a wonderful experience, in this course i learnt how to deliever knowledge, how to deal and how to handle the situations as being a teacher, and above all thru this course i caught an oppurtunity to evaluate my short comings which i have to fix."

Fehm al Quran (Kids Course)

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Racing to do Good!

Asalamalikum Warahmatulahe Wabarakatuhu! 

Yesterday's lesson taught me numerous valuable lessons. 
I have attached my homework ("race towards good") poster onto the gem, inshaAllah i hope you like it smile

DU'A CLASS- i learned that prophet Muhammad (saw) was asked to make the du'a for knowledge, even when he had all the knowledge given to him from Allah swt. This shows how important the du'a for knowledge is, and we can use it for asking for knowledge about the deen and other things, like school.

TAJWEED CLASS - Alhumdulilah, this class has effectively changed the way I read the QUR'AN. I can spot my mistakes, and enjoy it even more. I learnt about the 'qalqala' or 'bounce/echo' letters: 

Baa, Taa, Qaaf, Daal, Jeem.

Fehmul Quran class - We are Ummatul Wasat = best moderate ummah. Allah swt has blessed us, and given us the responsibility to spread his precious words. 

The changing of the Qibla from facing Jerusalem to the Ka'bah was a test to determine the believers- those who accept whatever Allah swt presents to them without second thoughts.

The Qibla keeps the muslims united, we all pray in the same direction towards the same thing-the place where all muslims turn to for Allah swt ... the Ka'bah. It is also the final qibla.

Since we have been labelled as the best Ummah, we need to prove it too. If we do not please Allah swt by not completing our responsibilities, he will replace us with a better nation. The same way a principal replaces a teacher. 

Allah swt says everyone has a direction to which they turn their faces to, the Qibla is there for us to face/run towards for good deeds.

The purpose for Allah swt to send messengers was to purify us of the things that are wrong, like anger, jealousy and greed. The prophets taught us about Allah's book and wisdom. After messengers, scholars have to continue teaching nations the same way prophet did. After them, it is OUR responsibility to better ourselves and spread the colours of our deen.

We should always seek for help from Allah swt with patience, Allah swt is always with those who are patient and he mentions our name in front of the angels if we mention him.

When we are stuck, we should ask for help from ALLAH, he will give is the solutions to the problems. 

"The shortest distance between a problem and it's solution is the distance between your knees and the floor, the one who kneels to Allah can stand up to anything." 

Seerah Class: 

I learnt that bad dreams come from Shaytan, we should not share bad dreams because they may come true.

Similarly, good dreams should not be shared either, because they may cause jealousy. However, you can share your dreams with your mum. 

A very good lesson i learnt from all this class was to NEVER go to fortune tellers, even for fun if you don't believe in them. There are other things such as horoscopes/zodiacs, palm reading and fortune cookies which don't sound like a big deal, but they are. It is a huge shirk to do this, and your prayers are not accepted for 40 days. This lessons is very valuable to me, because living in a world full of shirk with things such as horoscopes, which come in newspapers, and I am sure those who are unaware of the consequences read it, even if they don't believe in it. 

Another thing is that names affect a persons personality, so we should pick out good names, and not have nicknames or be ashamed of them, but stay thankful. 

The first blessing Allah SWT gave us after the blessing of creating us, was speech. We should use it well by spreading Islam. Those who have effective ways of communicating are very successful in life.

 We learnt about the miracles which happened after prophet Muhammad saw was born, such as the sudden blessings which took place in Haleema's household.

The best thing i learnt from Yesterday's lesson was the miracle, which Angel Jibrael performed on Prophet Muhammad saw by taking out his heart, and removing the lump of flesh in which the shaytan sits, and washing his heart with zamzam water to purify it. He then placed it back inside. Prophet Muhammad did not suffer any pain, but was slightly shocked, and the scars remained on his chest as proof. 

This is truly an amazing miracle, it shows the impossible made possible, and how amazing Allah swt is. We think the technology now is so advanced, but we hardly ever look back at the miracles written in the Qur'an. 

Muslims have the responsibility to share and spread the words of Allah swt, those who hide anything (like the Jews did) will suffer from a bridle of fire. They were the ones who knew the truth, but did not speak it, which is why Allah swt replaced them for a better nation later on, and changed the Qibla.

Another gem i learnt was to never idolize anyone, apart from Prophet Muhammad saw. We must check who and what we follow and should not follow anyone blindly except for Allah swt.

The choices we make today determine our tomorrow, which is why we should choose wisely and follow the right path. 

Alhumdulilah I always learn so many new gems in every lesson, and sharing it helps myself and others to learn. 

JazakAllah Khayran to the teachers for helping us understand the Qur'an to the best of our abilities.

~Rafia Urooba smile

Summer Courses

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Building Principles Course


Assalamoalaikum wrwb

Dearest Shazia Nawaz,

I am Ameenah's mother.  Ameenah recently attended an online course named 'Building principles' offered by 
Al Huda.This course was specifically designed for youth ages 10 and up in mind. It had four basic subjects: 

_ Tajweed
_ Salah
_ Tafsir of surah Ale-Imran
_ Muslim Heroes 

Ameenah is only 8.5 years old, so initially I was concerned if she would be able to grasp the material.  So I consulted you and Sister Iman and you suggested that I would need to supervise her as the concentration span is not long for this age group. So I did sit with her throughout the class adjusting volume or giving her quick recaps.  Alhamdulillah from day one I saw Ameenah taking keen interest in the class and wanting to get up early morning so as not to miss her class.  One or two days she joined in late but she was not happy about it.  She was specially interested in visual aids used to explain meanings and tafsir of the surahs.  The video clips used for teaching different units of salah and Israa and Mairaj by Sister Ainah caught her attention as well.  Another thing that really kept her interest in the class, was sister Iman's thought provoking talk and her interesting picks of Muslim heroes from different fields. She loves sister Iman.

Sister Shireen's class was also very lively with good live discussions and games.  Ameenah thoroughly enjoyed typing comments in the live class as this was her first experience taking an online class.  She was delighted when her comment was read in the class.  As my daughter was enrolled in the certificate course she was given many worksheets to do.  This is where I had to actually help her in understanding the questions and then sometimes paraphrasing the answers for her. To my surprise she did not mind doing the homework, infact, she did it very diligently as she was learning a lot of new stuff like what is ghusl. This tough subject was so easily tackled through teaching of sunnah. I was thinking many of us mothers who are afraid when to discuss these kind of things to our kids should seriously consider bringing up these these hard to talk about subjects while teaching them Quran and sunnah. MashAllah her Islamic vocabulary grew and she now uses certain terms which she did not know before.  Ameenah also learnt dua-e-Istiftah or opening dua of salah, although before the class it was little difficult for her to memorize the dua. Also our mother and daughter relationship grew as we listened to the class and went over the material together.  She even quizzed her Baba from the material in her worksheets.  My husband was surprised that she learnt so much in the class.

My three year old also enjoyed the presentations and videos.  I would give her a note book and pencils just like her sister so she would have the same feeling as if she was taking the class like her big sister.  

Alhamdulillah the whole experience was full of learning even for me and I mean every word of it.  This is a course I had been looking for my child to take.  I will await for any new courses coming our way for my daughter's age group. InshAllah I would enroll her in them, as there is a void for meaningful Islamic courses and properly trained teachers for the youth. This combination is hard to get!  

JazakAllah Khairan to you and all the teachers and the staff for all the efforts and time put in designing a course and then preparing the material including visuals and then actually acting it out as per plans.  May Allah put barakah in your Ilm and Amal. Ameen.



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Stress, Anger and Our Body PH Level   

When we get angry or stressed we are also making the body ph more acidic. Our ph changes not just from the foods we eat, but due to our emotional states(stress, anger, hate, jealousy etc) .( From the book: ""Alkalize or Die""  By: Dr. Theodore A. Baroody)
When i came to know about it, i thought that Allah SWT has already guided us through Quran and Sunnah of not getting angry or jealous /hate or any negative traits. SubhanAllah.

This Quran is not only guidance for mankind but source of cure and heal. This also reminded me of following hadith which we learned in Sahi Bukhari class(kitabul adab).

Sulayman ibn Surad said, ""Two men abused one another in the presence of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and one of them began to get angry and his face got red. The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, looked at him and said, 'I know some words that, if he says them, will remove this from him. They are: ""I seek refuge with Allah from the Accursed Shaytan.""' The man went to that man and said, 'Do you know what he(saw) said? He(saw) said, ""I seek refuge with Allah from the Accursed Shaytan.""' The man retorted. 'Do you think me mad?"" (Sahi Bukhari,kitab ul adab, hadith#139)

When we get angry we should say Ta'ooz, sit if we are standing, drink water, and if possible pray 2 rakas and ask Allah (SWT) for more patience and guidance, and thank for all the blessings He has given us. And above all thank  for the ability He gave us to learn through Quran and hadith.

Some really useful tips to get rid of anger and have positive impact on health.

Farheen Shaukat
Sahi Bukhari student


We are still alive, still have a chance...

After the passing of sister Nazish now we know who she was, before we just knew she was one of our gp member from Al huda ,Salman gp where she started her 1st journey. I remember in our 1st gp during introduction Nazish kept saying, "I felt bad now, I spent my life in getting worldly education and work. Why didn't I start learning Quran before." I told her you are not too late, at least you started now.
She was an active gp member always present in regular gp & also in our study gp. We assigned her as a gp incharge in our study gp, she conducted her gp so well that we were surprised b/ mostly in the class she was quiet person.  
Beside Al Huda she started taking classes on line offered by Sheikh Al Shareef.
She also joined the Alim course from voice of Umma, she completed the 6 months course and then she enrolled in the next program that is going to end in December.
When we look at sister Nazish's life, her struggle with her disease & her passion to learn Allah swt's deen, none of us can say I don't have time to learn Allah swt's book. We are lucky we are still alive, we are still 
breathing, we still have some moments we can use before it will be too late & regret forever.
Please spread this message to those who are still thinking they are going to learn but waiting for a better time, there will be no better time then now.
May Allah swt grant Jannatul Firdous to sister Nazish, make every effort she did in her life to learn Allah swt's deen as sadq-e-jaria for her.
Rukhsana Chaudhry
Al Huda student



Dawah to Building Residents


Assalamoalaikum wr rb,

Dear Sister Shazia,

I want to share with you a personal experience of doing dawah. Every Ramadan, online student ( mostly 1429 course) here in Dubai, pool in sadaqah money to prepare gift bags before Ramadan for muslims and non- muslims. Each of us distribute them in our neighbour-hood, to friends and relatives. This year I moved to a new location, an apartment building, where there are mostly non-muslims living, since most of the couples are working so there isn’t much interation with them.

I was a bit worried how to distribute bags in an effective way. But Allah SWT put an idea in my heart. I told my huband about it but he was little apprehensive about it. On my insistence he agreed to help. I took a table, well actually it was a cloth rack (have to be innovative), folded it’s sides and cover it with a beautiful table cloth. We took it down at the entrance of the building and the bags, around 20-25 of them.

We took permission from the security person to display the gift bags for that evening, which was given. We then arranged the table and the bags near the side of the entrance. I took a print out and sticked it on the wall behind the display, stating:

Dear All, we want to share the blessings of this month of Ramadan with you, please accept this gift from us. Each bag for non-muslims contained a copy of English translation of Quran,a book on the Prophet SAW and a packet of dates. The muslim’s one had informative books and cards of dua.

We left the bags after asr and my husband went to check upon them just before Maghrib, alhamdulilah all the bags were gone. I was so grateful to Allah SWT that it worked so well. When I shared this experience with my daughter in USA, she suggested to share it with all the students, specially living in Canada and USA. They can do dawah this way in their apptment building and work place. A bouquet of flowers can be added to the display to make it more inviting.

If you think this will benefit and inspire others then forward it.

May Allah SWT accept from us and keep our intentions pure. Ameen

JazakAllah khairoon,

A student of Quran.

Summer Course

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Assalamualaikum wa rahamtullahi wabarakathu,
Dear Course in Charge,
I am so thankful to Allah SWT for having granted me this opportunity to do the Summer Course 2011 with AlhudaInstitute- Canada.The thrill and joy that it has brought into my life is amazing; and it is an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life inshallah.It contained 3 subjects:Tafsir, WordAnalysis and Tajweed;of which tafsir and Word Analysis  were both broadcasted live and it was extremely interactive where questions could be posted and answered immediately.Being a 16 year old and doing an Islamic course for the 1st time, I thought it was going to be really tough. However I was proved wrong - the teachers kept the lessons so simple, breaking down even the toughest of parts so that it could clearly be understood by each and every student.The Tajweed rules taught in the course have made me love to recite the Quran as it has taught me what each and every sign means , so that I know what i am reading.But ofcourse, remembering them is not an easy task.Practice is needed to master the proper way of recitationLaughing out loud.Word analysis was excellent as well, where the teachers gave 2-3 words from each ayat and broke down their meanings and root words for the students.However, my favourite subject was Tafsir,where each ayat of the prescribed surah was explained in detail and backed up with examples  so that the meaning was clear.I loved it!!The duration of the course was 4 hours ,8 working days, which I thought was perfect- especially for a kid like me who was  doing an online course for the 1st time.I am looking forward to more effective courses like this inshallah.Thank you Alhuda .
Aqeel Ahamed

Taleem al Quran

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My love to all...

بسم الله آرّحمٰن ارّحيم 
اسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 
Dear Sisters,

Alhumdolillah I Rabbil Aalaameen I've got an invitation from 🌹🌹Allah SWT , The Almighty🌹🌹leaving for hajj on Oct 2nd.
Just want to say many thanks to all my great teachers, group incharges, fellow sisters and all Alhuda crew.

First I'm highly thankful to 🌹Allah SWT , WHO showed me the right path,
Then Dear 🌺Ustazah Farhat Hashmi, great inspiration for women, 
Dear 🌺Sister Shazia to hear her motivational tips, my ears always alerted by her voice,
Dear🌺Sister Rahila.........always amazed by her devotion ,intelligence and time management,
Dear 🌺Sister Nigar, 🌺Sister Farah and 🌺Sister Uzma..............I pray to Allah SWT help me to learn such a mannerable way of talking,
Dear 🌺Sister Afshan........really enjoyed her smiles and sense of humor,
Dear 🌺Sister Aila will always be in our heart, we didn't get chance to learn more from her but no doubt she was an amazing personality
And definitely there would be lots of amazing personalities behind this course, I'm not aware of but greatly thankful to all of them🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺
My 🌺Fellow Sisters.........their participation and typed massages were great learning for me.

Although I was unable to participate much but everyone played a vital role in my whole construction.

I was terribly sick when I decided to join the TQMU course, and Alhumdolillah now I'm free from all sickness.

I've been through different conditions after coming to USA, part of the factors was my loneliness, homesickness, new environment,husbands over work, and when my father died, I've been attacked by deep depression.

Later on I've been diagnosed by Epilepsy, me and my family suffered a lot.In this phase, I can't see my responsibilities of my kids and husband.And most of the time I feel crying, also skipped eating by which I become physically weak and more depressed.

My family said that you've  jadoo or nazar.
Every morning I felt such a bad headache, like I would die or might be go to Asylum....Astaghfirulla,  never felt fresh.....I tried to do namaz and Quran but not with Shaoor.
Then my friend suggested me to join Tqmu course, I knew I couldn't do it by myself so I registered it.
And when I started listening the tafseer, the reality comes close to me that I'm not thankful to Allah swt.

I remembered when the first time I said Alhumdolillah  with Shaoor............I felt like my whole body comes in peace......the peace I was looking for......the whole self was thirsty for. 
    "Alhumdolillah I Rabbil Aalaameen "   
Tears of shame...........tears of guilt.......tears of thanks.......He showed me the things I was not able to look into.
                              لا اله إلّا انت سبحانك إنّي كنتُ منَ اظّٰلمين

During this course, my mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually construction went on ..........different emotions.......guilt, shame, frustrations,  .....although I was getting better but it was a slow process.
My great 🌺teacher Sister Lubna and lovely friend🌺 Sister Zarqa always helped me and pushed me forward, I can't express my love in words for them.

Finally In jan 2013, Alhumdolillah , I become able to stand up to my all responsibilities. 
8yrs of Antidepressant , 4yrs of Epilepsy and severe headaches .........all are gone only a blessing Allah SWT .
I don't have to take any pill, it's just a miracle of Quran and now Allah SWT calling me to clean me completely...
              إِنَّ الله غفّورّ رحيم

I'm sorry if I took much time of all sisters. I tried to make my story short. 
My great apologies from all of you and specially from the examiner department sisters, because of my late assignments.
Due to hajj preparations, and other things I didn't complete my last 3 weeks tasks. I'll do it insha Allah when I'll come back.

JazakAllahu khaira kaseera  for everything sisters💐
May Allah SWT bless you all with best reward in Duniya and Aakhira .Ameen
Pray for me sisters that May Allah SWT accept Hajj from me. Ameen.

Sobia Farhan....Ca452.....Ayesha group.


 Poem: A memory of the TQMU Class of 2010
Safia Qazi (SAFIA-TQMU-TX282)


Very best of 3 years in my life

Assalam o alikum warahmatulahe wabarakatuhu
This is the end of our first  weekend without our class .Alhamdullillah without class I am listening to my left tafseer  and ustazas lectures 'Mera jina mera merna'.
Its been very best of 3 years in my life in which we learned Qur'aan and Allah's blessing that we completed it  as ustaza said nothing is in our hand not our health not our life and not situations...anything would have happened and we could have left the course BUT ALhamdullillah  we completed .I am writing here how Quraan and different subjects changed me.

Qur'aan:Amazing...Allah's book is really a book of guidance which touches the heart in fact melts the heart and it showed us the facts,the realities in Aaakhira and our destination JANNAH.It taught me that life should be lead for ALLAH and our every matter should be according to Sunnah.
Book of tahhara: things which I thought are not necessary this book cleared me and how cleanliness should be maintained and Allah loves mutatahirien.

Book of zakat:It showed me how important is to give zakat and how to take out zakat every year

Book of hajj:my first priority was to visit Pakistan,my parents,relatives but after reading this book my priorities changed and now it is to do umrah/hajj Inshaa Allah

Book of namaz: Beautiful. The extra duas made my namaz more concentrated and increased my sense of thinking that Allah is watching my namaz

Uloom ul Quraan: difficult but now I know that how Quraan was collected ,which studies are included in it and all the history about it

Book of aqeeda: Subhan Allah if our believs are not right and then how can we expect to  be muslim
Uloom ul hadith:I was so confused about hadith that are zaeef or how would we recognize the accurate hadith but Allah taught me that after Quraan go for sahih Ahadis...too clear

Grammar:very easy and I enjoyed  doing it .now I see the word grammatically.

Tajweed:I thaught my tajweed is very good but sorry that was wrong .in this class I learned that actually this is tajweed,and how haram it is we dont care for the makahrij

Mera jina mera merna:amazing ustaza's lecture helped me to think of the ways of how i can i lead my life according to Quraan habits

sadqa o khairaat: i thought that sadqa means maal or time but no its far more than that

Alhamdulillah its all Allah's blessing .All the teachers I learned a lot. May Allah accept it and make us shine like a sun that we spread His message and we all meet in Jannah.
Taqabbal minna wa minkum.*:) happy

Jazak'Allah khairan katheera
qanitaat group.


The Big Day

Finally the moment I have been waiting for has come! I am ready to receive my diploma, but have I really given the due Haq? Have I really understood the message of Quran? Have I applied all the orders (Ahkam) of Allah (swt) in my life? Do I really deserve this diploma?

          These were the questions coming in my mind.

Now I am also thinking about that big day for which I have to prepare myself for. The day when I can’t go back to correct my deeds. That day all the “test papers” of life will be shown to me. My real intentions behind all A’amal will be shown. Am I ready to face that? Have I prepared enough that I’ll pass on the Day of Judgment? To receive acknowledgement from Allah (swt) that you have passed successfully and you are entitled to enter Jannah.

          I pray to Allah (swt) that the happiness we feel this day will match the bliss we will feel on the Day of Judgement


Uzma Hussain (TQM-2008)


My Journey to the right path


Fortunate are the people whom allah guides and puts them on the straight path and brings them in touch with such enlightened people who can change their lives and pull them from the depths of ignorance to the heights of knowledge.


I am one of them today is the day no matter how much I thank allah, it is not enough that he guided me and  brought me to the right people and changed my life completely.


I was a visual artist I made huge paintings and sculptures and was very successful as an art educationist. Art gave me high position when I moved to Abu Dhabi, but there was always a desire inside me to understand quran which I rarely read then.

 Oneday  my sister gave me Dr farhats cassettes.  I  also saw  Yahya Haroons miracles of quran programes on tv .I became desperate to understand Quran.. My first teacher was Mrs Samina Asad who took classes at her home in Abu Dhabi,she was my first teacher.She had such a soft style of preaching and such intelligent way of convincing that I decided  to  study Quran,but I did not have time I was working full time as the director at the art education section of cultural foundation.I got cassettes from Samina of Taleem al quran by Dr Farhat Hasmi. Mashallah she has such an excellent  command on Arabic language and capability to connect to the students mind immediately her vast knowledge brought me so close to allh sbwt.

I listened to her whole course. I was born again, I broke all my sculpture and ceramics ,destroyed life size paintings quit the job and enrolled in the online class. I was so impressed by the Alhuda team and their hard  work .They do not leave any stone unturned to train us .I am a different person now, a more happier content thankful softer, humble and fearing person

I thank my allah who did not leave me in darkness and brought me to light. I am obliged to  Madam, her daughter Tamiya zubair and all those who helped  in my training. There is still so much to do I have wasted so many best years of my age serving  a wrong purpose ,may allah give me time that I compensate for all that. Still I have so many flaws may allh give me the strength to check my self and may all make my children imam of mutaqeen  ,.may allah remove from my actions anything he dislikes and add everything he likes.   ameen




The peak of my life

Assalamualuikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

This is such an overwhelming day for all and I would like to thank you
for allowing me to share my experiences as an online student. By the grace
of Almighty Allah I started Taleem-ul Quran course Jan 19th 2009 and
finished june 26th-2010- 1.5 years- it has been the most blessed and amazing
journey of my life.

Not being computer literate I was very scared to take on such a big step but
today I appreciate the blessings of computers, paltalk rooms,
inspeak, skype, cordless headphones- all the technology which I initially was terrified

Being an online student made me realize that there were so many sisters out
there from all over  the world who  shared the  same dream- that is to understand
the quran and have true success in the hereafter- it was truly amazing how
we would all  log in - uk time 2.00 dubai-4.00 srilanka night time, canda and
usa morning etc.

I was always  told that by not seeing the teachers face to face learning can
never be the same- yes of course I wished I was with sisters onsite however
never once did I feel like this- they all taught us to such a high,
professional level- they have a great value in my heart and the role they
have played in my life is beyond words. They have helped to mould me into
whom I am and strengthened me to only depend on Allah- a new scope of life
has opened up  for me- my purpose and my goals have changed.

There were times when paltalk would shut down but alhamdolillahi ala kulli
haal and innallaha muussabireen would quickly be typed up on screen  and so
we knew we had to have a lot of patience and remain steadfast. The whole
system online was on such a professional level- links and references were
put on screen very quickly - I was truly amazed by the dedication of sis
shazia Nawaz and her team.

As I studied the quran in the comfort of my home I realized  that how
grateful I should be to Allah- He had given me this beautiful opportunity by
merely clicking  on a few buttons- so alhamdolillah to technology especially
used in propagating His deen all over the globe.

Life at home carried on as before-time management skills and multi-tasking
became the key- there was just not one minute to  waste anymore- time became
the most valuable thing for me- socialising became minimum and eventually
people around me realized that the course came before everything else- I
had to remain fully focused from the many distractions around me but alhuda
had become part of my life.

That summer during the course we went to a family holiday- my books, my
laptop came with me and mashaallah I joined my classes from my hotel room-
anywhere, anytime  al-huda books would always come with me.

This quran is the most beautiful treasure that we possess however we have
not been able to give it its value as we have not understood its contents.
Quran is not a creation but the divine speech of Allah so it can not be
anything other than beautiful.

This quran has changed me, it has given me strength, patience, confidence-
all the answers that lie in to leading a meaningful life.

On this blessed journey I came to  know that the quran knew me better than
anyone else and that I need to start reforming now.

The days I thought would never end had finally come of such a blessed
journey but I truly knew that this was only the beginning as there is never a
completion to this book.

It has been a year since I finished the course but Allah swt has given me many opportunities to pass the message to others in the commumity.

Last year in Ramadhan I got involved with the Reality Touch programme that Al-Huda UK had organised- alhamdolillah it was a true success as many youth had been awaiting for many years for something in English to be set up in the UK- it was overwhelming to see the difference in many students in the 4 weeks of the course- how the quran had touched their hearts too.

Once you are connected with the quran then everything else seems meaningless- alhamdolillah I enrolled for the hadith course last october which is so enriching as I find the quran was my theory and  the hadith is my practical.

I have also  been given the opportunity to be GI chg for tquk diploma which is so essential for my revision and also have started quran classes at home for working mums.

This strength could never be acquired if I had not learnt about time management from the course I did  and without the help of Allah all this could never have been achieved.

May we all be the sadqa e jariyah for our wonderful teachers and alHuda.

I pray that this quran remains our sincere companion and this light remains with us in this world and the hereafter. I truly feel that this is the peak of my life!

O Allah give us all the understanding of your Divine words!Aameen

Feroza Natha TQENUK235            
Taleemul Quran English Course 2009


“……….Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near”

A year has passed since my most rewarding, most satisfying, and most memorable academic experience came to an end. Those 18 months were the best time of my life in each and every aspect. It seemed such a colossal target when I was embarking on this journey and I am sure all the other students share the same feeling. There was a constant bombardment of questions like “How will this happen? Will I be able to complete the course? Will I be able to meet all the requirements? How will I balance home and studies? How will I be able to fulfill my other commitments? Whether my family members are aware of the enormity of this commitment or not?”

But here I am, ALHAMDULILLAH, all tests and assignments submitted, all requirements fulfilled and a full year has elapsed. How did it happen?…………… EVENING classes 5 days a week, with a husband and 2 little children and other family commitments. The answer is very simple………………… Allah(SWT) helped me.

If I were to mention one gift out of the innumerable gifts Taleem al Qur’an gave me, it would be the firm conviction that the help of Allah is near and that, it is enough for me. All I have to do is make my intention pure for Allah (SWT), do the best I can, avoid complaining, and expecting from people, and discuss all my issues with the One who is All-Hearing, All-Knowing, All-Wise, the Entirely-Merciful and the Especially Merciful, and be patient. And this conviction did not come overnight, it took me 18 months to learn that I must do the required, for the help of Allah to come. There have been countless occasions during TQ when my mind completely failed me as to give a solution to balancing home and studies. I just could not understand how it would work out. I fretted, made dua and must have also complained in the beginning, expecting others to understand, but then Allah(swt) showed me a way out of it. Slowly and gradually, I learnt the formula with the tawfeeq of Allah. I had to shove away the complaining and expecting part as what I was doing was for Allah solely, and when Allah(swt) is there to hold you, there is no point of complaining and having expectations from others.

We all understand what level of commitment TQ requires. And Shaitan leaves no opportunity to make our footsteps falter. And it becomes worse when the most crucial people in our family whose support is our strength are not with you. My husband was not very enthusiastic about this course, but I had been doing istikhara all along, and my heart and mind were completely set on going ahead with it. The course offered everything I had been yearning for, the duration, the medium of instruction, the classroom atmosphere, the wide range of subjects, everything was simply perfect.  My worst fear was that if I leave it now, Allah(SWT) may not give me another chance. This fear kept me going. I cannot be unjust by not mentioning that my husband did everything he could to ease the new routine for me, but I could tell that he was disturbed. It went on like that for a couple of weeks or so, when one very beautiful day, he said to me, “Maryam, I love what you are doing, I am so happy that you are doing this course”. ………...I could not believe my ears. I did not realize at all when and how this change came. I had been touched by Allah’s mercy at so many moments by now, but this was the climax. It was perhaps the first time that it struck me with such an impact that Allah’s promises were true. Promises of help, ease, mercy, tranquility, barakah and so much more. And this conviction reached new heights with every major obstacle throughout the course.

 Whether it was taking the entire class everyday, preparing for the tests, submitting them on time, giving time to family and friends, household chores, shopping, travelling, etc. I could feel Allah(swt)’s special mercy and help with me. I never went for umrah so often before as I did during the course, once in each term Alhamdulillah. There were commitments that I could not avoid at any cost, and I still get amazed by thinking about how Allah(SWT) made everything work out so smoothly. It was not that the milestones became a piece of cake all of a sudden, rather the schedule was extremely tough, the deadlines constantly rang in the mind, but there was a reassurance at the back of mind that Allah(SWT) is there, and He will never leave me, as long as I do my part.

Everything that we used to do before the course, as a family, continued throughout the course. Nothing stopped but the modus operandi changed to the better and Allah(SWT) guided me towards it. If I used to go for grocery once a week before the course, I started going once in two weeks and my husband happily brought what was needed in between. If I used to visit several malls exploring innumerable shops to get things for my children, I started sticking to the tried and true. Somehow I would get to know about the sales, and my husband and I would fix one or two weekends and we would finish our entire shopping for the next season. Our minds would be at rest, I remember very clearly that we would get the best bargains, things of our choice and a lot of our time would be saved. And all this was possible because Allah was looking after our needs while we were busy learning His Deen, and who can look after our needs better than Him. Allah taught me better ways to manage my life, to maintain a balance between my responsibilities and to remember that He is there all the time.

May Allah(SWT) give us the tawfeeq to remember whatever we learnt in TQ forever and act upon it. May Allah continue to shower His blessings on all of us and keep us in His special protection. Aameen

Maryam bint Irfan



Testimonial in Urdu


Thank You with every breath I take.

Thank You Allah  
I was so far from you
Yet to me you were always so close
I wandered lost in the dark
I closed my eyes toward the signs
You put in my way
I walked everyday
Further and further away from you
Ooooo Allah, you brought me to Alhuda
I thank You with every breath I take.

Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah

All praise to Allah, All praise to Allah

I never thought about
All the things you have given to me
I never thanked you once
I was too proud to see the truth
And prostrate to you
Until I took the first

And that’s when you opened the Alhuda door for me
Now Allah, I realized what I was missing
By being far from you.

Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praise to Allah, All praise to Allah

Allah, I wanna thank You
I wanna thank you for all the things that you’ve done
You’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been lost
You guided me from all the ways that were wrong
And did you give me hope

O Allah, I wanna thank you
I wanna thank You for all the things that you’ve done
You’ve done for me through all my years I’ve been lost
You guided me from all the ways that were wrong
I wanna thank You for bringing me to Alhuda

Alhamdulillah, Elhamdulillah
All praise to Allah, All praise to Allah.

In end, I would like to say Thank You to my all dearest teachers  , that they spent their times to teach us and to encourage us for the way of success. Today I am here because of you all .May Allah swt grand  you all with  his mercy and give you all the high level of Imaan and janna . Ameen  

yours sincerly

Name :Turpakai Asmaty
ID: Asmaty_tqe_077On
Group: Hafsa


Quran is better than what they are collecting

                                 هُوَ خَيْرٌ مِّمَّا يَجْمَعُونَ

Alhamdulillah,I am glad that we have the opportunity to share our feelings how Quran has change our life.
I would say that Quran has not changed my life but Allah has given me new life through Quran
When Allahswt wants to give hadiyah to anyone it doesn’t matter where you are, he finds a way. Like my example, in 2000 one of my friend from Pakistan came for visit, she gave me some cassette of Ustazah, the more I listen the more I understood and I realize that what I am doing in the name of religion is not from Quran And Sunnah. I prayed to Allah to show me the right path, old habits difficult don’t die easily, but it is not impossible with the help of Allah.
Eventfully I started taking classes as a listener, the more I listened the more  research I did, Alhamdulillah the closer I came to Allah, now everywhere I go, every creature I see, I see Allah in it.
Quran gave me Allahs Maarifat and azmat, worldly things does not bother me anymore or make me envy of people that have worldly things.
Alhamdulillah Quran gave me confidence and happiness and satisfaction. I feel I am the richest person in this world, I have Quran in my life, when I feel lonely Quran gives me company like a good friend. Gives me satisfaction and fills my heart with pleasure.
I used to let little things bother me and make me cry, now I read Quran and that brings tear to my eyes. Alhamdulillah I have no fear of any human but Allah. When any calamity touches me I realize I might have done something wrong so I do tuba and asked forgiveness from Allah with this Ayah  لَّا إِلَـٰهَ إِلَّا أَنتَ سُبْحَانَكَ إِنِّي كُنتُ مِنَ الظَّالِمِينَ
If there is any loss I recite إِنَّا لِلَّـهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ
Alhamdulillah I have more balance in my life as far as Hoqooq ul Allah and Hoqooq ul abad. I do not have any expectations from anyone except Allah.
Alhamdulillah I have no sorrow And worries of this world but Aakhirah
Alhamdulilah Quran gives me all this positive attitude, Quran is a miracle once we taste it we cannot live without it. I wish I could feed Quran to everyone so that can bring happiness in their life.
Doa aalam say kerti hay beganaa dil ko
Aajb chez hay lazat e aashnaee
I have no words but thanks to Allahswt and for Ustazah who connected me with Allah through Quran. May Allah give her best rewards in both worlds, and also I am very thankful to all who worked hard to spread Allahs deen and make easy for us to learn Quran in the comfort of our homes.
I love you all for the sake of Allah
My wish is to follow what I have learned and teach others
My Allahswt give us all istiqamat in his path, Aameen

Yasmeen Muhammad


Zindagi mai kya tabdeeli aae? (Urdu)

As salaam o alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu,

1. Quran padhne se mere zindagi mai kya tabdeeli aae?
 Quran ke saath mere zindagi ka ahem daur  april 2008 mai shuru hua.Alhamdulilah!Allah ka shukar hai usne mujhe teen-age mai Quran se mere zindagi ka ahem mod tha, Suna tha quran insaan ko badal deta hai,ye khud mehsoos bhi kia. Alhamdulilah ya Rabbil aalameen!! Quran seekhne k baad maine ye tabdeeli mehsoos ki:meri guftugu mai Allah ka zikar aur shukar aagaya,maslan,"thank you"-jazak Allah khair mai badal gaya aur "your welcome"- waiyyakum mei.kai buri aadate chut gai,Allah ne hijaab ki taufeek di,Sabar par milte hue ajar k pata chalne par sabar karna aasaan laga.Apne aap mai badlaav mehsoos hua jo shayad mai bayaan na kar pau.Quran padhkar mai mature hogae :)

 2.Padhne k dauraan koi aisa wakiya jo Quran se mutallik ho...
 Quran se judkar aisa lagta hai ki mano quran humse batein kar raha hai. Mujhe ek waqt mehsus hua ki,mai is surah se wakif hu, isme mere mutallik to koi baat nahi, par usi din ki tafseer ki class mai,kuch aisi ayah saamne aagai aur ustazah mano mera hi haal bayaan kar rahi thi,SubhanAllah!! Mai to sajde mai gir padi aur Allah ka shukar ada kia is muajise k liye.  Rishtedaro mai koi nagawaar batein hojati hai to surah furqan ki ayah no.20 yaad aati: "waja alna ba'dakum li ba'din fitnah.Atasbiroon.wa kaana rabbuka baseera"-aur banaya tummese baaz ko baaz k liye fitnah.kya sabar karte ho? Aur hai tera rabb dekhta..
 Quran ne hamesha meri rehnumai ki.
5. Naye aane wale shagirdo k liye koi achi baat??
 Online quran seekhna bahut aasaan par saath hi mushkil bhi hai. Computer sabse bada aazmaish ka zariya bana mere liye,kabhi internet problem kabhi light ka problem,kuch mushkil aane par sabar karna chahiye aur kabhi quit na kare,the end result is all worth of your hard work and dedication inshaAllah. teachers aur incharges bahut supportive aur motivating hai aur unki mehnat se hamare liye aasaaniya hoti hai..Allah unhe behtareen jaza e khair ata kare aur hamein unke liye sadka e jaria banaye.Aameen.

Name: Huda Khateeb
 Roll no: TQWC-lN636
 Group: Abidaat


Darkness to Light!
Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh,
May peace and blessings of God be with you,

My name is Shazia Bhatti and my roll number is TQWC-NV-589

ALHUMDU LIL LA HI RABBIL AALAMEEN for everything in my life and than choosing me among those who could gain ultimate guidance. Qur'an has literally brought me from darkness to light. This is no doubt the biggest blessing of ALLAH swt upon me. HE knows that I am a very sinful person but HE soaked me with His Rahma. I am a totally different person today. I look at this world with a totally different vision. The definitions of grief and happiness are different for me today.At the moment, I am totally at loss with words. Words are such poor carriers of emotions. I am very much an introvert person but today I want to open my heart, so that people could know what ALLAH SWT has bestowed upon me. When I joined in, i just wanted to understand Qur'an in its own language. I didn't know I am in for a never ending treasure of "kher". I just took one step and ALLAH SWT ran towards me to take the burden off my shoulders. I fell in love with my RABB, RABUL AALAMEEN, HIS Messenger, Muhammad sal lal lahu alayhi wassalam and this most wonderful and beautiful book of all times, Qur'an. This love has become the base of love for me with any other relation in my life. My RABB HAS blessed me with the greatest blessing in this world. Qur'an has become my lifeline now!

I make special dua for Nazish Jabeen, a former student of al Huda and now a group incharge from California who introduced me with this program. May ALLAH SWT grant her high levels of Jannah, aameen. Next, My abundant and sincere prayers for our beloved Ustahza. Everyone knows her commitment and her continuous struggle for putting Qur'an in every hand and in every heart. What I found most amazing is her style of doing tafseer. So many times, I felt her like a mother who is guiding her children so lovingly. My dua for her that may she be in Jannah with our mother AISHA R.A. Since inspired by her,  our Ustahza followed her footsteps and teach Deen to Muslims. I also sincerely pray for Sir Zubair,Shazia Baji, Sister Asma and Sister Husna, Sister Aila and all those who helped us in our recaps, who checked our tests, who handled the technical part. I am very grateful to all of you. I can't say how thankful I am. I pray to ALLAH SWT to give you all best reward for all your efforts, aameen.

I want to give mubarak particularly to my group fellows and in general to all the class fellows. This should not be an end of the journey.Rather, it should be a begining. We have to learn more and than help others to learn. While doing so, we have to remember we were dealt very lovingly in this class. We have to be very conscious of shaitan and his tools. Our teachers were so humble and polite. We have to make sure that we do not fall victim to shaitan and assume arrogance. May Qur'an be a "hujjat" in our favor and not against us on the Day of Jufgement, aameen.

I am very grateful to my husband, my three beautiful kids and my sisters. Their co operation and support so many times, made things easier for me. Today two of my sisters have also joined alHuda. I have also registered my older son and my daughter with al Huda in English correspondence course. They are in high school and together we squeeze out time to do our Qur'an study. May ALLAH SWT help them and make it possible for them to finish their Quran with sister Taymiya, aameen.

I have one big regret that I could not do justice to my course. May ALLAH SWT forgive me for that. May ALLAH SWT help me to justly do my further study of Qur'an. May ALLAH swt make us all fulfill all the five rights of Qur'an: to believe in it,to read it, to understand it, to practice it and to teach it to others, aameen.

wassalam: shazia bhatti


Small Kids?

Quran has changed my life for the better that I dont find any other thing more interesting that this. I feel like going deeper and deeper into it to understand its meaning. I want to implement each and every bit of it in my life. I started the course when my elder daughter was one and a half years and I gave birth to another girl in between who is now MashaAllah two and a half years old. I want to make sure I can gift this Quran to my girls. I want to bring up my girls as Sadqa Jariya by teaching them its meaning and helping them implement it in their lives & into their amal. InshaAllah. I sometimes think if I had been lazy and not done this course thinking that I have 2 small girls to look after I would have been a loser...Allah has given me this Knowledge just in time to pass it on to my girls. Now I am a better mother and a better daee. Alhamdollillah. So if you have small kids make an effort to do this course, Allah will make it easy for you at every step like he did for me.
Jazak Allah,
Humaira Qureshi


Perfect Solutions every week!

I would like to begin by thanking Allah swt for granting me this privilege, and for choosing me to comprehend His magnificent deen ALHUMDULILLAH.  “O my Lord! Grant me taufeeq to thank You for all the Bounties which You have Bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and (help me to) do good deeds that may win Your favor. And make my offspring righteous as well. Indeed, I seek Your Forgiveness. And indeed I am one of the Muslims (Al-Ahqaaf: 15).”

I have always found guidance through Quran, for which I was certain to find a precise solution to the tiniest problem I came across during the week. Thus, I would come to class with the intension of finally finding an answer. I would surely find a simple but rather prefect solution that I would not have been able to find elsewhere. For instance, for many situations I would learn the value of patience and how beneficial it is to simply let the things be as they are, to be patient, and to completely rely on Allah. During tafseer sessions, it seemed as if the Quran was addressing me directly, and whatever Ustaza said was directed towards me. I felt relieved, and at times tasted the sweetness of remembering Allah in a big gathering of Taleem-ul-Quran, Alhumdulillah.

I am so grateful of being able to complete this wonderful journey of Taleem-ul-Quran. Despite the bliss and joy of completing this journey, my heart was pounding with sadness and fear ever since we started 30 juz, as the verse: Al yawma akmaltu lakum deenakum wa atmamtu alaikum ni3mati……..“This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion (Al Ma’idah 3)” kept resounding in my head, as if someone was constantly reciting this verse over and over again in my ears. I am fearful of the fact that since I have learned to whole Quran, I bear the responsibility of not only acting upon it, but spreading it first through my ikhlaaq, and then by teaching it. I am saddened upon the thought of not having our early morning groups anymore followed by our auspicious class of Taleem-ul-Quran. However, after hearing Shazia baji announce the upcoming courses planned especially for us, my heart was overjoyed, and I began praying to Allah that He gives me the taufeeq, endurance, and steadfastness to benefit from the new courses as well InshaAllah.

Now, I would like to thank every single person involved in making it possible for all of us in obtaining the knowledge of Quran through the comfort of our own homes.

First and foremost, my dearest Ustaza, merely thanking you for your tremendous favor of providing us the precious knowledge of Quran, filling our hearts with love of no other than of Allah (swt), and for mending and correcting our aqeedah will not do justice. Therefore, I ask Allah to not only bestow His grace, mercy, and love upon you and your family, but also to bless you with good health, a long fruitful life, and immense happiness of this and the next world Ameen Ya Rabb.

I do not have words to thank you, Shazia baji, for patiently being with us, teaching us, and correcting our mistakes. Allah gave you the taufeeq of starting a Quran class on Paltalk; therefore, may Allah reward you for each and every one of our accomplishments in this world and many times more in the hereafter, and may He give all of us the taufeeq to do likewise ameen.

Special thanks goes to Husna baji for teaching us the most essential knowledge of reciting the Quran with tajweed. May Allah give you abundant reward for every letter of Quran that each and every one of us recites as long as we live ameen. Afterwards, I would like to thank, from the depth of my heart, the outstanding team of Alhuda, including our incharges, who made this virtual learning experience come alive. Thus, I appreciate every single one of Alhuda team’s efforts in not only providing this opportunity, but also for striving to make every second of our learning experience real, valuable, and worthwhile.

I would also like to thank our dearest group in charges Farhat Saeeyuddin and Bushra Shaukat.  Farhat Aunty was our first group in charge, and at that time our group was called the Zaid group. Thank you so much for providing the needed help, for cooperating with us tremendously at the beginning, and for making the processes of learning easy for us. Afterwards, we were blessed by having Bushra apa as our next group incharge, as despite her busy schedule, she never failed to be in our group, called Sadiqaat group, early in the morning, and also in effectively and punctually operating Taleem-ul-Quran’s Paltalk room.

Lastly, my sincere thanks goes to all of my beloved group members for doing “wa-ta-wasaw bil haqqi, wa-ta-wasaw- bis-sabr (surat Al-Asr). You all were a great motivational drive for keeping me steadfast on this journey. 


Husna Ali
Roll#: TQWC-CO322
Group: Sadiqaat


End of Course Reflection in Urdu


سال کا سفر  

 آئی آواز مرے کمرے سے اللہ اکبر اللہ اکبر
چھوٹ گئے سب کام اور لپکی ميں کمرے کو

 پائی اللہ اکبر کی صدا  ميں عجب حرکت ميں نے
اک خاص تڑپ  جو اس آواز ميں پائی ميں نے

ھو گيا وقت أب ہماری الھدا کی کلاس کا
ہاتھ ميں قلم اور آگے قرآن و کاغذ ، 

مری روح کو کيا صاف  تو نے
اک اک ايت نے دکھايا آئينہ مجھ کو 

ميں کس قدر گناہ گار ھوں سمجھي ميں اب
راہ ديکھا کر راہ منزل پر کھرا کر ديا تو نے

 تربيت جو کی إس أنداز سے ميری تو نے
جس سے  تعمير ھوا ميرے اندر  وجود نيا

ميرا دين تھا ميرے بزرگوں کی سوچ  کی حد تک
 دنيا وي چاہتوں ميں تھی  ميں سمجھتی جاہل ان کو

 کر ديا  تو نے اپنے انداز سوچ کو تبديل
اپنے ھوئے قريب يہ حکمت آئی کہاں سا
 راہ خدا  تو  ہے کوئی مانگے تو سہی
وہ ڈھوڈنے والے کو دنيا ئنی ديتا ہے

Bushra Butt


17 Practical Lessons from Surah Fatiha

1- Teach myself how to be grateful in many ways
2- Work on building attitude of gratitude all life long
3- If you want barakah in grateful 
4- You've got to say and show gratitude to people as well
5- Rabbil Alameen... this puts me in my place, gives me perspectives on things.  i am just a tiny particle in many huge alameen (worlds), so aur jhuk kar chalain (be more humble)
6- And yet Allah pays attention to me as He only can to each and every minute detail and smallest Allah is my/our Rabb
7- Rahman, Raheem... lots of hope for me in this world and akhira 
8- Mercy and Kindness are necessary if I want to convey this message of Islam to anyone, as even Allah mentions it in this opening surah. So be gentle and kind on many levels, again and again, as much as you can.
9- Reality is that accountability does come one day....(like in yawm id deen or in this world too) so for instance when dealing with myself or my kids, spell out the consequences of actions along with the gentle and kind reminders....
10- Life is simplified by iyyaka na'budu wa iyyaka nastaeen...clear cut simple solution to all issues....worship/obey only Him and seek only His help
11- However, i find it very hard to even practice the above simple concept everyday. Why? 
12- Alhamdulilah for the sirat mustaqeem given to us by Allah in Quran/HAdth/ Deen
13- I feel Rushk (praiseworthy envy) for those whom Allah Himself has called AnAmta Alayhim, ....they have already Passed the tests of life with flying colors, how great they were...they tread a difficult path.
but where will I stand?  I slip everyday. But Allah is my Rabb who gives hope for guidance.
14- Maghdoob and Dawleen....i must keep a watch out for these people's characteristics in myself....rather than only in others
15- Allah has given us a life plan in Surah the risk of copying (from Weight Watchers) i think we can call this plan Worth what is my Worth, and the Worth of my actions in front of Allah and on Yawm id Deen 
16- Read surah Fatiha in namaz like the strong dua it is....not just rush it!
17- The Quran now enfolds after surah fatiha..... and the journey of self discovery will begin, inshaAllah. So, Pay Attention and Follow in deeds.

Uzma Rizvi


Reaching the finish line, Online!

All praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Heavens, The Lord of the Earth and the Lord of the Worlds. To Him belongs Greatness throughout the Heavens and the Earth, And He Alone is the Al Mighty, the All Wise.

Allhumdullilah that Allah has chosen all of us, you and I to do this course which ends today, but it is truly a new beginning, a lifelong journey. Al Huda created the perfect environment for learning the Quran in so much detail! For this I thank every teacher, staff and support team, especially the online staff. May Allah reward you all.

Often times, when I told people I am doing this course ONLINE, everyone would say WOW, that needs so much commitment. Its true, doing the course online, has its up and downs. You can’t see the teacher, you can’t see the students, plus there is a huge time difference and all you can only see is yourself and the laptop screen! But SubhanAllah, I learned that it does not matter where you are or how you are studying or what the mode of studying is… what matters is giving in your 100 %. Allah has given us these precious eyes to and a mind to picture the scene of the classroom so perfectly! So, if you can concentrate and shut the doors to Shaiytan’s Wasawah (and don’t care about the huge 8 hour TIME difference), anything can be done. Allhumdullilah, through Inspeak, myself and a group of very dedicated students were able to reach the finishing line, only because we WANTED to do it and Allhumdullilah for the help of Allah and support of my Group Hafsah!

From this experience, besides striving to become a better person, striving for the Fawzul Azeem, Jannah,  Inshallah, with the help of Allah, ONE THING which I will Always  Remember is that each one of us has to present their resume in front of Allah, and if it only reflects our accomplishments in Dunya, we are at a great loss. 18 months ago, after finishing my BBA, I wanted to do something different, something which will help me in the Akhirah and after 18 months I can say that I have started focusing on my resume for Akhirah, Bizinillah. May Allah help us and accept all our efforts and guide us at each step of our lives. Once again Jazakallah Khair to EVERYONE at Al Huda, I am not physically present there, but I can feel the excitement J Walakumasalam

Bushra Murad


Students Feelings in Urdu....

inna ma al usri yusraa

is mubarak moqay par bas yehi khena cahongi kay yaqeen  nahi aa raha kay kis tarah mukammal hua yeh safar.
meray liya yeh ayat us ki tarjumani karti
maa adraaka mal aqaba.
yeh safar dushwar guzar ghati say kam naa tha. pehlay saal josh may kat giya doosra bhi asaan thaa teesray saal bhut mushkilaat aai. magar aakhri saal
inna ma al usri yusraa. par yaqeen ayaa. kis tarah yeh safar kata samaj hi nahi aya. yeh Allah hi ki mehrabaani  thi
us nay yeh itna bara kaam kara diya.
aik waqt us safar may aisa tha kay may bilkul Quran chornay ka soch chuki thi. har taraf say mukhlifat thi.
family, friends, husband sab yehi kehtay kay itna lamba course, kab tak chalay gaa. kabhi kabhi yaad bhi nahi hota group may aor aasaiy hi lesson sunaati. magar
aaj yeh realize kara  kay woh naa karti to aaj yaha nahi hoti. us kushi kaa ahsaas naa kar paati jo ab us waqt ho rahi hai.
jo anmol johar 30 paray may milay us say mehroom ho jaati, bas agay aanay walo aur apni sab saathiyo say yehi guzaarish hai kai ab is  Quran kaa saath na chootnay pai.
us ko chor kar aisa lagta hai kai kuch kami hai. tashnagi hia. koi cheez adhori hia, kisi cheez ki talash hai jo sirf us kitaab say milti hai.
sirf aik dafa irada kar kay Allah say madad mangay aur dekhay kay Allah kis tarah karwaata hia.
beech may aisay waqt ainay jab saaray siray chootnay lagangay, sab darwazay band honnay laganingay magar aik cheez aap ko taahm lay gi
woh bus Quran aur us say musalsal taluq. jab bhi quran say doori hui  apni zaat may aik tashnagi si lagi. aik kami bhut ziyada mehsoss hui
abhi amal ki manzilat say bhut door hoon magar us kay bigair jeena kaa tasawur bhi mahaal lagta hai. yeh taluq bhi Allah ka tuhfaa hai. Allah karay yeh martay dam tak qaim rahay. aur sab ko yeh
mehsoss karnay  ki saa' dat milay. Ameen.
a small poem
 jab bhi chora Quran to aisa laga kay sans thum gai hai
naa milay jis din yeh dawa to lagta hia kay dunya ujar gai hai
kuch kho saa giya hia. kuch thum sa giya hia
 aaik tinkay ki tarha say bayshara thi yeh rooh
rait kay zarron ki tarah sar gardaan thi har soo
mila jo yeh kalam to mili rooh ka panah
milay bhut say sawalon kay jawaab
hui bhut si aarzoan mukammal
Mili us rab ki marfat ki aik jhalak
agar naa milay Quran saari rahay anjaan hai zamanay may
aik alag hi hai maza us kalam ko panay may
  i want to thnak all the Taleem ul Quran team , my teacher and all the staff for giving me this opportunity.

sharmeen makda 137 fl grp muminaat


to the rewards of JENNAH....

Bismillah hirrahmanirraheem
Misbah Ali
Roll # TQWC-ON606
Dearest Ustaza , teachers and fellow students,
Assalamoalaikum  wrwb
As I was taking my course ,every time something enlightening would open my eyes from PUL SUIRAT to HUTAMA,from the MAIDAN-E-HASHR to the rewards of JENNAH .Some Aya would get stuck in my head and would keep repeating itself over and over ,as I would lay in my bed.The first change I felt was that it took care of my nightmares as well as all weired and meaning-less dreams.
I was amazed by how the Quran was there to guide me in every step of life, feeling lucky and unlucky at the same time !Why? Because these Ayas were always there like the stars in the sky in day time but my eyes couldn't see them or like the lights that someone forgot to turn on.Allah's (swt)words  bring tears to my eyes more than ever now, when  they are fully lit lights or stars on a dark night.
I want to share a poem that my son wrote for me below:

Jzk kk
Misbah Ali


Before I studied the Quran, my eyes were closed

Then an evil aroma arose

The smell of shaytaan filled my nose

But I did not fear, for I knew Allah was here

The prophet (SAW) taught us to recite Quran

And before you know it, Shaytaan will be gone.

But I felt blind, reciting these verses

I did not understand what I was saying, to get rid of

my curses

So I studied in depth, Taleem-Al-Quran

As I sat alone, dusk to dawn.

I suddenly felt, my eyes being opened

The curse of my blindness, swiftly being broken.

I saw through these holy words, how the world was


As layer by layer was laid

All through the course of 7 days

And now, tears of despair flood through my eyes

Followed by sadness, and helpless cries

I pity those who have gone astray,

Those who do wrong things, day by day

They have all fallen from their path

And will soon regret it, as they face Allah’s wrath

These words of god, were sent as a guide

By which we Muslims, must abide

And best of all

These are the words that changed my life.

By Ahsen Ali


Blessing of Unity

Dear Sister Shazia,
      Alhumdulillah we have completed our 1429 Quran course and a very important thing which I have learned is Unity.
    Before I joined this course I used to listen to Ustaza's tafseer on my own but it seemed like a never ending cause.I had an aim of completing the Quran with meaning and tafseer which I feel is the need of every soul,but I had no direction and motivation.But when you have a strong determination Allah makes things easy for you and guide you to the right path and send for you such people who become your supporters and helpers.
        In our case(students of UAE) Allah SWT sent Sis Samitah,who guided us and joined us to the online 1429 course.In the beginning we started as small different groups Hafsa,Adam,Ayoub but alhumdulillah now it seems as if we are all one.We know each other,love each other for Allah's sake and supported each other in all the trials and troubles throughout the course which was very important for its completion.The credit of bringing us together goes to Sis.Samitah's leadership and sense of responsibility.She made things lined up in the best direction alhumdulillah.
         We want to thank you Sis.Shazia for your efforts in organizing this course and all our online teachers and staff(Sis.Humera,Afshan,Ayla,Sabahat).Also the ones who were behind it and we never knew about them.Last but not the least our examination dept team,specially Rabia Nadeem who helped us in the completion of this course.
                     JazakAllah Khair
                  Ibtesam Abbas (UAE-337,Hud Group)


True Relationship with the Quran

I just wanted to say "I just love the AlHuda course" get practical lessons for your daily life every single class....and you can achieve the relationship with the Quran that you always wanted...

Student, California


No more Barriers

   "For years and in different stages of my life I kept looking and hoping to somehow find an avenue to study the Quran and know for myself what the Quran says. Alhamdolillah, finally, in Jan of 2009 I embarked on the journey of learning the Quran at Alhuda, and  without a doubt I can say that this past year has been the best year of my life. I testify to the fact that Allah swt made each step easier for me, put more barakah in my time, changed my heart, removed my language barrier from the Quran and given me sooo much more than I can express in words.

   I wish and pray that Allah swt removes all barriers, reservations and hesitations that anyone has to avail the opportunity to learn His book. May Allah swt give us the taufeeq (ability) to draw closer to Him through His book."

 Umm Fatimah, CA, 33:


Million times again!

   "Initially, I was very very reluctant and skeptical about taking this course and had plenty of reasons that could hold me back, but I jumped in. Alhamdulillah, I think that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It gave me the connection with the Qur'aan and with my Rabb that I desperately needed. It gave me more focus in my life, and now I know HOW to live Islaam, and not just be someone called a "Muslim". This course teaches you how to PRACTICALLY apply the Qur'aan, it fixes up your heart, gives you an "Imaan Rush" everyday, and makes you understand why you, as a Muslim, do what you do. Given the chance, I would take this course a million times again. If anyone has even the slightest possibility of taking this course, I have only one thing to say: TAKE THIS, and don't waste it."

 Bint Abdullah, MD, 17:


Dream come true

   "I always dreamed of studying the Qur'an. I would stare at the Qur'an sometimes and hug it tightly, just longing to understand it's meaning. I felt like there was a barrier between me and the Qur'an. SubhanAllah, when I took this class, the barrier was lifted Alhamdulilah. We would study and analyze each word of the Qur'an and then do the Tafseer of the verses. My Tajweed has improved immensely. The friends I found I will always cherish. The Qur'an would relieve my pain, answer my questions, and guide me. May Allah 'azza wa jal give everyone this chance of moving out from darkness's into the light and finding true peace and happiness, Ameen."


Hadith Course

posted Oct 18, 2011, 12:11 PM by Al Huda Online Courses   [ updated Dec 25, 2012, 2:31 PM ]


Dream come true!

My Dearest Shazia bagi
Assalamoalaikum wr wb
Studying the Quran with meaning was my dream, Alhamdullilah with the blessing of Allah (SWT), you and Ustaza made this dream come true. From the Quran and Hadith, my mind has opened to the reality of the world. Now my mission is to impliment what I learned. The course has left me full of knowledge of all aspects of Islam, and a greater admiration and love for Allah (SWT) and Rasool (SAW)
I learned a lot from the Bukhari Course about the specifics of our deen. I am also very grateful for Sr. Shireen and Sr. Asma and how they aided us in learning how to read the correct way of reading the Quran. From the beginning of Taleem ul Quran to the end of Bukhari, I have met so many kind sisters, who have helped me understand the Quran and inspire me with their actions.
This is not the end of my search for knowledge, inshAllah this journey will continue. Please forgive me for any mistakes and remember me in your prayers, so we too can spread the deen of Allah the way you have and that inshAllah we too become Sadaqah Jariyah for Ustaza, just like you are.
I love you and Ustazah for the sake of Allah.
May Allah (SWT) bless you, Ustazah and our families for all of our efforts and give us the strength to continue this journey. Ameen.
Walaikum Salam
Tahira Bhatti


JazakAllah Ustazah for bring hadith in to my life and for designing such a brilliant course

Piyaree Shazia Baji,
Today we studied Hadith # 6 of Kitab ul Wahi it was over whelming really. MashAllah ustazah explained it so beautifully, it was just amazing.
I am more than thankful to Allah Tala for giving me this wonderful opportunity to understand His dear prophet's sayings from the best ustada. JazakAllah ustazah for bring hadith in to my life and for designing such a brilliant course.
JazakAllah shazia baji for taking so much time in Recaping the ahadith, I can't began to tell you how much it helps. Especially, your idea of highligthing somewords, is really helpful in remembering the hadith.
InshAllah, I pray Allah SWT give you and Ustazah His best rewards for your hard work, and constant struggle to spread Allah's deen. And always keep us a part of this struggle inshAllah, in anyway possible.
I hope we gain the best understanding and love of Prophet S.A.W ahadith through it, so we can fully implemant Rasool Allah S.A.W sunnah in our lives. Ameen
Maria Khan


Course exceeded expectations

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Al-Hamdulillaah wa Salaatu wa Salaam ala Rasoolihil-Kareem

Assalamu alaikum wrwb,

My dearest and loving Shazia Apa,

Your email brought tears to my eyes as well. Bukhari Course was one of the best experiences of my life as well, that i will always cherish, InshaAllah

I joined it with the expectations of learning more about this beautiful Deen of ours in hopes that it would bring me closer to Allah (swt) and Nabee (saw).The course exceeded my expectations and left me with a greater love, respect, and appreciation for Allah and His nabee (saw), Alhamdulillah…. Ustazah did and amazing job in the explanation and you did an amazing job of engaging us in each subject. . This course also challenged me to think critically and helped me to build a strong Islamic foundation.

My journey from Taleem-ul Quran through Hadith and seerah course was an experience that I'll never forget. Not just because Alhamdulillah I've learned what I wouldn't have been able to anywhere else, also because the love and affection I have received from my beloved teachers, "Ustazah" and "YOU". 

I feel very fortunate to have had a chance to study under your supervision and guidance. You have not just taught us the true way of gaining Allah's Raza and guided us to improve our relationship with Allah and our nabee saw, You have also opened our hearts and minds to a whole new world of Islamic knowledge with your unique ways of teaching, MashaAllah!! You are unique in your own way. Your dedication, enthusiasm and energy gave us the true meaning of our life in this world.

You always wanted the best for us, Alhamdulillah. I don't have such words that can ever thank you enough for all that you have done for me and for all other sisters. You have been a great help and our support, MashaAllah. Whatever ustazah and you have done cannot be paid in this world in any shape and form. But InshaAllah Allah swt will make this effort and hard work a sadaqa-e jaria in the best form of appreciation in the hare after Insha Allah and will shower His hasanat in the both words…..InshaAllah.

 Ustazah is also very fortunate to have you who are spreading the words of Allah and her teachings with such dedication and love. I wish and pray to Allah to give me the same  isteqamat, strength and love of our deen that my teachers hold, So I can convey all that to others that I have learned from my teachers and also to bring that Ilm in my Amal, InshaAllah.

As we part, and our course has ended, we will always remember you in our duas and our feelings will never change towards you. InshaAllah. We all have loved you dearly for the beautiful hearted person that you are.  We will miss our time that we have spent in the classes and in the discussions. We will continue to pray for you each day, for your success, and for your happiness for the both worlds. Will always remember that the bonds we have made here are unique; they are special and a true blessing of Allah swt, Alhamdulillah.  We will be each other's strength InshaAllah, will honor that blessing and responsibility that we have been given with Ilm and continue thank Allah (SWT) for it every day. InshaAllah

Throughout the time we have been togethers, we have gained memories, gone through experiences, and met sisters that we will never forget. My heartiest congratulations and Duas for the course volunteers, coordinators and, moderators as well, who have had worked hard and made this course easier to broadcast. Special THANKS to Sr. Sheerien who taught us till the end of the special day and even after words….May Allah Swt bless her and her family and make her efforts the best sadaqa-e Jaria for all of them……….ameen

May Allah swt continue giving us the opportunities to serve Allah's Deen together, InshaAllah.

Please also remember us in your duas and keep us all connected forever, with you and Al-huda.

May Allah grant us all light upon light….Ameen

All praises to Allah SWT
Jazakallah khair for all your love and efforts.

Wassalam, with more duas

Farah Baig/ Atlanta GA



My heartiest Duas and Mubrook to all of you


Walikum assalam warehmatulahe wabarakathu

Dearest Baji in the world!

Your email has really touched my heart ,as you always do .Alhamdulillah Allah SBT has made you a source of bringing His beautiful message to us.Sometimes , I think ,if there would have been NO Online Course ,I would have never been in touch with Quran as I am now Alhamdulillah.Not to forget that this Online Course is your brain child , which has spread so much Khair around the Globe.Alhamdulillah.

We are really really thankful to you after Allah SBT, as you put your best efforts , strength, sincerity and love in teaching us and brought  treasure of knowledge so that we can enlighten our hearts with the love of Nabi Sallallahualehy wassalam .JazakiAllahu khairan katheera.We are fortunate in terms that we are blessed with such Spiritual Teachers like you and Ustazah Alhamdulillah.I pray that may Allah SBT bring all our knowledge in our Amal , so that we become a great Sadaqe Jariah for you and Ustazah.And same for sister Shireen , who has helped us lot in correcting our Tajweed .Alhamdulillah.

My heartiest congratulations and Duas for all those sisters as well , who broadcasted classes, and made this wonderful and useful Website .

May Allah SBT accept it all from you and bless you with the best in here and Hereafter .Aameen.

JazakiAllahu khairan katheera .


Anisa -HS-UK052.


We can always make time for Allah

The ending of this course brought tears to my eyes as well.  As my daughters grew older I had less and less to do but Alhumdulillah, by the grace of Allah (SWT) this course, you, and Ustazah found a way into my life upon which it captivated and enhanced my days to a level I could never have imagined.  These classes have brought more deen and iman into my life, I have found that no matter what one's situation is in life, you can always make time for Allah (SWT), and you and Ustazah have shown us how to do so.
However, this is not the end of my ambitions in pursuing my deen, it is just the beginning.  It is from this blessing that I am now able to consider what I will do to continue enhancing my iman as this course is coming to an end.  After learning all that I have learned I am ambitious to pass it on to those who have yet to realize that in them too, Allah (SWT) and Islam is in arms reach.  I have formed such a bond that I want to be a part of aiding, in a similar manner as you have done so for us, to those who will take your courses in the future. 
May all of Allah's blessings be upon you. may He accept all that you have done for us as Sadaqa e Jariah and give you reward in this world and the akhirah. May Allah (SWT) bless us all and continue giving us Taufiq and guidance to become the best Muslims.
JZK for all you have given us,
Abida Ansari


Teachers Feelings....


Dearest Students,


May Allah sbt make this knowledge the way of gaining His pleasure. Ameen

I have very mixed feelings for the past one week, I was happy at the same time very gloomy as this course was coming to an end. Alhamdulillah as Ustazah said this was the first time this kind of course was offered and mashallah you all are among those fortunate lovers of knowledge who completed it with commitment and dedication. Mashallah it's such a great achievement for all of us as we have gone through Sahih Bukhari and developed such a strong love for Nabi s.a.w and his Sunnah Alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah it was Allah's special Rahmah and help that I was able to teach you whatever I have gained from Ustazah. The time spent with Ustazah I will always cherish and treasure it till the end of my life. I always remember her saying when asked her; "Guidance is from Allah but He made you a source, you have given me so much how can I pay you back for this Ahsan. She said teach others what I have taught you." I knew I can never be at the level of knowledge she is so decided that based on my knowledge and experience of teaching I will try different ways and creative methods and whatever treasure of her knowledge is hidden in tapes I will bring forth to people.

At another time Ustazah also advised me to do listening so since then it's my routine that there is always something which I am listening at home, in my car and whatever I do listening is a part of my life. Listening to different lectures of Ustazah has improved my speech a lot and has developed so many things which I lacked in me. Every lecture has reminder not to forget Allah and Akhirah, motivation to work and do amal and  self analysis tips which keep me on track always Alhamdulillah.

On the completion of this course I want to thank Allah swt that He provided me with everything which was needed to conduct this course, then Ustazah Dr. Farhat Hashmi for giving me this opportunity and trusting in me, then to all of you because your active participation has made this course so interesting and lively.

My hearties Congratulations to all of you for this great achievement. May Allah sbt accept all your hard work and efforts and make these efforts the best Sadqa-e-jaria. Amen

My advice for you would be the same as Ustazah advised me convey what you have learnt, keep yourself in touch with Quran always and keep listening to good lectures for your spiritual health.

With lots of love and Duas


Shazia Nawaz


Pearls from an Ocean

Reading Hadith after Quran was like picking pearls from deep down the Ocean. Alhumdulilha.

On weekend I used to raise the voice of speakers so my all family could hear these words of our beloved Prophet Mohammad ( saw). It was like sun shine of Allah swt's Rehma coming in my home. When my husband came to know that it is the last day of Sahi Bukhari, he was sad and asked me to join other course. He also liked Ustad Dr I drees Zubair’s lectures and we both learnt so much in lectures of  Islami Akaid and Hadith ki Ehmiat  aur Zaroorat .    

The advices of Ustaza throughout the course in light of Quranic Ayas and Ahadith kept me on track in all situations. This was the blessing of Allah swt !!

 When my sweet Shazia baji would ask questions in grammer, I was keen to answer them and my husband would also help me. I was motivated when she applauded us by saying Excellent or “hasan hasan”. We all love you Shazia baji. 

In recaps of hadith and Tajaliyyat e namboowat my son Ahmed (7 yrs) would too reply with me and i used to be surprised how come he knows the answer. SubhanAllah!

Farheen Shaukat
Sahi Bukhari Student


Jazakillah khairun kaseera...

One of the best things about our deen is that it puts more meaning in simple gestures.  I was looking for words to show my appreciation to you for bringing to us the hadith seerah course.  Then I realised that the dua 'Jazakillah khairun kasira' was indeed the best way to ask Allah to increase your reward many times over for all the effort you put in and to protect your ajar for akhira (when indeed we will need it most).
You made the online classes so natural and lively that sometimes it was difficult to imagine you were talking to a dead screen!  But that is the least of it all.....Today when you were doing dua, I was thinking to the end we are answerable to Allah for each action and there will come a day when each moment will weigh in our balance....Our teachers have worked so hard to teach us, guide us and inspire us, but ultimately if we can only IMAGINE that final standing in front of Him, we can make our lives worthwhile....
Courses start and finish, people come and go, but we can only truly give the huqq of our teachers when we give deen its true huqq.
May Allah indeed make us sadqa e jaria for our 'roohani' parents, and give us the taufeeq to take forward all the knowledge they have imparted to us in the best most beautiful possible way.
Do forgive us for our short comings Shazia Baji and indeed May Allah exalt you to the company of His best creation on the Final Day. ameen.
all my love


My Journey

My journey through the quran has enabled me to experience this verse, alhamdulillah.
I had been busy all my life making good use of my time, so I thought, gaining worldly
knowledge at the highest possible level. I thought I was a good muslimah, I loved my
job and was pretty good at my speciality of pediatrics. It so happened that when my
fourth child was born, my husband and I decided that I take a couple of years off from
work so I could give more time to the tarbiyah of our kids. However, when all my
children had entered school, I found this emptiness in my life I had never experienced
before. My children were doing hifz at home at that time and my oldest son had begun
to understand some quran through his Islamic school. That intrigued me and I started
learning the Arabic language at home. I bought many books of Arabic and remember
going over the grammar tables again and again. I was never afraid of hard work and
was happy I had found something to do in free time. I used to listen to the quran that my
children memorized but it was more of a chore than something I looked forward to.
I was then introduced to Ustadhaʼs quran in MP3 by my neighbor and soon my sister
introduced me to the TQM course. However, I had to make sure I was learning Islam
and quran from the right sources as I always had a quest to learn from the best source
available to me. I first listened to Ustadhaʼs quran tafseer for a couple of months at my
neighborʼs house. My heart wept and I was amazed how each verse of the quran was
directed at me. I could see my ignorance melt away, my emotions transform into
patience, and I began to see faults of people less and my own faults more. By the grace
of Allah and tarbiyah of my parents, I had been reading quran with meaning almost
everyday of my life, of course with some bumps in the road. But I had never seen the
quran in this light. This was unique, unlike any tafseer I had read. I soon joined the
TQM-08 course although I was late by 3 juz. I enjoyed everyday of the course and saw
my outlook on life change tremendously. I still have ways to go and know that tazkiyah
of nafs is an everyday process till death but at least I have the tool many are deprived
Since then I joined and am almost at the end of the Bukhari course. As enlightening as I
found the words of my Lord, I was wonder-struck of the wisdom-filled words of
rasoolullah (s). Since then my children have learnt this language, especially my
youngest son, now 11, whose hifz coincided with my quranic journey. My husband is
also learning the quranic language, alhamdulillah. I am now on a quest to tell every
Muslimah I meet about what they are missing. This is my most frequent topic of
discussion. Alhamdulillah, we have a whole group of sisters who sit once a week to
learn the quran in my home. My passion in medicine has transformed into a passion for
the quran. Every time I read the quran, I find a new message, an ayat that looks like I
am reading for the first time, alhamdulillah. I have been off from work fully for the past
three years, and now as I think of going back to work part-time, I look back and cherish
every moment that I spent with AlHuda and will always continue to be part of this great
family, inshaʼAllah. My children now ask me, “When are you going to do hifz, mom?”
I thank Allah for this blessing of being able to cry during taraweeh and for being able to
go through it without being tired. I thank Him for giving me the ability to think of my
weaknesses and a chance at istighfaar. I thank Allah for making me realize the
immense value of the hereafter and looking at the world only like a means to a very
great end. I cannot thank Ustadha and the staff of AlHuda enough for make this a reality
for me.
My duas are with my parents, with Ustadha, with sister Shazia, sister Bushra (my TQM
coordinator), sister Seemein (my Bukhari course coordinator) and of course all off-thescene
AlHuda members who make this possible. May Allah protect them and their
families in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.
Samina Ali


JazakAllah Khair for teaching us  wonderful subjects. Alhamdulillah You
explained things very well  MashAllah and we felt that we all learned a
lot from your teaching and experience. You taught us how to teach our
children and others and how to benefit from our classes to the fullest
extent. We learned from the advice that you gave us, and we really
appreciate it. For everyone we share our knowledge with, InshAllah May
Allah  SWT  make this a source of sadqah jahiriya for you.  InshAllah we       
will do our best to practice what you taught us.
May Allah SWT reward you for all of your wonderful work. ameen
We all pray that Allah SWT shower His Rahmah upon you and your family. ameen
We always look forward to your guidance.
With loving duas,
Gulzeba Ahmed




Allahumma lakal hamdu hatta tarza wa lakal hamdu iza razeet wa salllahu ala nabi’eena Mohd wa alaa aali hi wa sahbihi ajma’een…
MyUstazah ,I  have no words to thank my beloved Ustazah for being there for us as a Spiritual /Roohani Mother ..guiding us towards the right path with kindness an generosity , every day you are planting a seed of curiosity and motivation to know and to grow and succeed.  Jazaak'Allah  for all that you’ve done for us... May Allah Bless you with Ajr e azeem and keep you as a rahmah and shafqat on us in our future life.. ameen
Allah understood our thirst for
knowledge, and our need to be led
by someone wiser;
He needed a heart of compassion,
of encouragement, and patience;
Someone who would accept
the challenge regardless of the
Someone who could see potential
and believe in the best in others . . .
So He made Ustazah for us .. Subhaan'Allah
My  sweet Shazia baji I can't thank you enough …for being there for us with super patience, making our class so lively along with doing our islah …and being there as a practical role modle for us
My Sweet sis Seemein ,for all the extra efforts you make to help us grow and the challenges you encourage us to face to help us become who we are.With you we found guidance, friendship, discipline and love, everything
My Loveliest sis Bushrah, Jazak'Allah for your guidance, friendship, and even for your discipline. I learned that I am strongest when I recognize what yet is weak and how I might best develop those parts of my character. Thank you for taking the time to be my friend.
My Loveliest Sis Maria,  we really appreciate the way you encourage  students to put their best efforts in understanding the lessons.I am lucky to have the best teacher in this world. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher

Jazak Allah Khairan Katheer for everything you did for us


The Word teacher explains all !!


T is for talented that you surely are
E is for explaining so patiently
A is for the ability to make the class fun
C is for correcting us when we were wrong
H is for helping us in every way
E is for encouraging us to do our best
R is for rare, there is only one of you!
So thank you special teacher; we think you're great Masha’Allah!


we are so blessed to have teachers like youI


And for my lovely sisters


Our Class has come to an end, and we know
Our lives will be different and new;
We’re going out into the world,
Our goals and dreams to pursue.

But one thing will never, ever change,
As we go our separate ways;
The relation we’ve made in THIS CLASS will be
as SISTERS for all our days.

The special ties and attachments we’ve made,
These bonds will never be broken;
We’ll continue to feel that special bond,
Though words may not be spoken.

So it’s not "goodbye," but rather "farewell;"
WE’ll see each-other again, my SISTERS
in this world and In Jannah,
And this journey  will never end.


Jazakkumullahu khairan katheeran to all my sisters for your participation and co-operation


Wa akhir wa da’wanaa anil hamdulillahi rabbil alaeem

و جزاكما الله خيرا

السلام علیکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکٰۃ



Ramadan Course

posted Oct 18, 2011, 12:09 PM by Al Huda Online Courses   [ updated Jan 7, 2013, 12:17 PM ]

Beautiful knowledge

Assalamalykum wr wb,
My best regards to sis shazia as she is conducting the ramadan course so well. I am praying ramadan never end O Allah, I am enjoying a lot Alhhamdolillah.
The beautiful way of ustaza's teaching and the beautiful way to conduct all knowledge to students. Alhamdoliilah i am able to attend the course with my best teachers..May Allah help me to choose right way of our deen ameen..

Sana masood,DQU-ON-007


A Better Ramadan

Assalam o Alaikum,
  Dear Shazia nawaz baji MashaALLAH this Dawrah e Quraan is helping me in a great way Alhamdulillaah.As the theme suggests that  this Ramadaan should be better in everyway than before this comes into my mind in all my matters like when i stand for Namaaz i try to pray better than before with more Khushoo when i keep fast i try to keep better fasts when i meet people i try and help them in my best capacity also i have started understanding meanings from Quraan during Taraaweeh and Qiyaaam Layal because last night the Imaam was saying SAABIQOON AL AWALOON and tears came into my eyes as i am literally trying to become Saabiqoon in Namaaaz,Sadaqaat and Khairaat
JazakALLAH Khairan
Sajila Imran
Doha Qatar

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