English Correspondence Course

Course Duration:
Maximum 4 years to complete
3 Terms per year - 4 months each
Course completion in 4 yrs = 12 terms

Course Curriculum

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Pattern of learning:

Lectures are uploaded on a password protected website, a login and password will be assigned to you.

There will be a Lesson Incharge who will give you monthly lesson goals. 

1) Listen & Repeat along with the recitation for Tajweed for each lesson. 
( to improve Tajweed repeat lesson at least 3 times)

2) Listen to the Quran Tafsir lectures, take notes. 

3) Memorize the word to word translation, root words & duas.

4) Revise Translation lesson at least 7 times

5) Once your half Juz is complete, your Lesson Incharge  will give you a time to do your Oral Assessment of Tajweed and Translation. 

6) If the Lesson Incharge  is satisfied with the Oral assessment you will be emailed Test of Translation.

To get an idea of the class please listen to the sample lessons by clicking here

Fees: (pay below)
$20 Registration Fee (one time)
$50 per 4 month term

Extension Fee:
After 4 years a fee will be charged for extension
$50 per 4 months

Vocabulary Dictionary

  • Set a time table for learning
  • Attend sessions with your assigned Incharge on time
  • Pay Fees On time
  • Mail in tests & assignments
  • 2 closed book translation tests for each Juz
  • 1 open book Tafsir assignment for each Juz
  • Dua tests and/or assignments (depending on subject)

Students who would like to obtain a Certificate by maintaining the requirements please register below