Pattern of Learning Flexible Schedule

Choice of Language for All Courses: 
Urdu Lectures 
All course materials available in Urdu or English
English Lectures
Course materials available in English only

Quran Courses
(Urdu Lectures all 3 Options)
(English Lectures only Quran Certificate Option)

There will be a Studies Incharge assigned to you who will help you set your monthly Quran lesson goals 

1) Listen & Repeat along with the recitation for Tajweed for each lesson.
(to improve Tajweed repeat lesson at least 3 times)
2) Listen to the Quran Tafsir lectures, take notes. 
3) Memorize the word to word translation, root words & duas.
4) Revise each Translation lesson at least 7 times
5) Once your half Juz is complete, your Studies Incharge will give you a time to do your Oral Assessment of Tajweed and Translation. 
6) If the Studies Incharge is satisfied with the Oral assessment you will be emailed Test of Translation.

Tajweed & Hifz Courses
(Urdu & English Instruction)

All 3 levels will have a live teacher for instruction. Students under 12 must be supervised at all times by a responsible Adult.

Hadith & Short Courses
(Lectures in Urdu Only)

1) Register for the course & Assignment # 1 will be emailed to you. Print it out.
2) Listen to the lectures and complete the assignments as you go along.
3) Once assignment #1 is complete email us & mail in the assignment for checking.
4) Assignment #2 will be sent to solve while listening to next set of lectures.
5) Same pattern will continue until all lectures & assignments have been completed.